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Collapse, Oh Babylon

February 12, 2023

A person can only handle witnessing such heinous levels of corruption day in and day out for so long without becoming utterly fatigued and weary. The cry of justice only grows as you witness firsthand the evil that Babylon fosters and encourages.

There are few who know and are as acquainted with the reality of evil as the anon/independent journalist during this period of time.

Every pillar of that corruption has been systematically exposed like we've never seen before. Day in and day out, we watch and dwell on that reality. How easy it is to feel despair if this is all we know. It was far worse than any of us ever could have imagined.

How is the anon supposed to feel when everything on the outside seems to be saying that these giants cannot be removed in our time?

Without God, they would have every reason to believe there is no chance and maybe that is the point...

Babylon is so all-encompassing that only a miracle can truly deliver the world from her clutches.

Perhaps you are supposed to understand deeply. God woke you up for a reason, didn't he?

As many walk around ignorant as sheep, you behold the truth.

But a system of evil is only one truth, a fading one at that.

And when the truth of God's victory is put on display before all creation. 

Will you not be filled with unspeakable joy?

You sowed your blood, sweat, faith, and tears.

None of that goes without God noticing and hearing.

You are given the honor of being awake in this generation and, although the burden may feel heavy at times, it is a beautiful privilege. 

And when the towers of Babylon collapse before your very eyes, no one will be able to take away your joy as you look with awe at what God has done. 

You'll know in that moment that all the heartache was worth it, just to get to that moment of finality.

You were witness to Babylon's deep corruption and God's power and ability to throw it all down in the blink of an eye.

God's utter triumph over unthinkable evil will be permanently etched into your soul. 



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