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Derek Johnson: The Questions About Q & Continuity of Government The Doubters Can’t Answer

February 1, 2022

By Derek Johnson, US Army (Ret) on Telegram

Honestly, which I know no other way to be… whether brutally honest, simply honest, and any other kind of honest… I do understand this is a lot of information and sympathize with those struggling to put the pieces of the puzzle together and I’m really only here for you.


I’m also super stoked to see so many emails and messages from Veterans who took the time to read, whether they knew before or not, and wrote letters of support and encouragement and to keep stirring the pot to the normies and civis.

Also to those, as well as civis too, with the integrity to not talk down to their family members and friends who showed them my Documents…

There’s so many Veterans writing in that are actually more higher ranks than lower ranks.

The encouragement to keep doing what I’m doing by them is what the TRUE definition of “I’ve got your six” means… not lip service.


So, for those of you out there struggling with family and friends talking down to you, calling you names, and all kinds of other scenarios… just remember:


“Not ignorance, but ignorance of ignorance, is the death of knowledge.” – Alfred North Whitehead


“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” – Benjamin Franklin


Not all will wake up. History also shows this. Only 1.7% of 2.7 million population fought during the Revolutionary War and the small number of Leaders of that number established our Military, Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, fought the same belligerents again in the War of 1812, and guess who benefitted from it and still does? The other 98.3%.

So, keep your chin up, and know we don’t need all of population, we just need strength with those who know, care, and give a dang about fighting to maintain our Foundation and History. The rest are fighting not to lose it and others simply not fighting.


Let’s do this. Lead, Follow, or Get Out The Way 💯


Those who choose to stand in the way and continue to argue, fuss, cuss, hide, slander, and defame need to understand…

The lists of things do NOT debunk Laws and Orders:


1. Opinions

2. Perspectives

3. Cussing

4. Fussing

5. Arguing

6. Ridiculing

7. Mocking

8. Laughing

9. Joking

10. Crying

11. Complaining

12. Griping

13. Groaning

14. Gossip

15. Drama

16. Slandering

17. Defaming

18. Keyboard Warriors


There are 3 things that change Laws and Orders:


1.         Rescinding

2.         Revision

3.         Revoking


No one has yet to show via Laws and Orders from both Military and Federal Sectors that “debunk” me, why?

One, this isn’t about ‘debunking’ me. That’s the first error.

Two, because there are not any Laws and Orders that rescind, revise, or revoke the current and active leading this massive and brilliant Military Operation and Continuity of Government.


You don’t have to like it… but sending me threats, hate messages and comments only makes one look ignorant and you remain in the same pit Americans have been in the past 70 years.


I’m simply taking Laws and Orders I didn’t write or pass and interpreting them. If that makes you mad, angry, bitter, that someone is interpreting the Laws and Orders… you have the problem, a major problem, and you are going to lead a bitter life.

There’s nothing in the world that has stopped, will stop, or can stop what’s happening… it’s been under way for 7 years right in front of everyone.


This is only going to make EVERYONE’S lives better. It’s actually going to follow the original Constitution and Foundation that started derailing in the 1860s and made official in the 1870s.


I’m simply following the instructions of God who gave me the platform with the ability to retain so much information, put it in as much chronological order along with multi-tasking the vast layers that parallel segments of Military and Federal for the everyday, common, American who does not have a law degree as I do not, but have a brain and know how to use and apply it.


Knowledge is NOT power. It’s the application that’s power.

I’ve got a simple and easy Blueprint that outlines how Donald John Trump is still Commander-in-Chief by Laws, Orders, Regulations, Statutes, Acts, Codes, from both Military and Federal Sectors.


Sure, you want this to be ‘over.’ Who doesn’t? Sure, you want to see ‘arrests.’ Who doesn’t?


But too many Americans, especially those of you who claim to be “awake”… want the final results without understanding the trenches and the price it costs to attain and maintain Freedom.

Too many want the results without appreciating and understanding why you have those, Freedoms.


Everyone should want to know what’s going on. And there’s a way to do it without the comments: “I don’t know who to trust” or “who or what to listen to anymore.”


This is the longer version with multiple questions to stimulate the brain after one goes and reads the Blueprint found on my Facebook at 1776 Nation, videos on Rumble at RattleTrap1776, and no cost PDFs at


I suggest reading the simple Blueprint first if this is your first time reading this.


The Blueprint Extended with Answers in Question Form:


The Military and Government wrote a brand-new Law of War Manual in June 2015. Comprised of the Law of War Manuals from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Australia, plus taking the strengths from the Lieber Code 1863, Hague Conventions, Nuremberg Trials, and Geneva Conventions, all by Military and Federal Lawyers and signed on June 12, 2015.


Why the Supreme Court clarified in the Military Justice Act of 2016 that all things Military supersedes all things Civil. Military Courts supersedes Civil Courts. Military Personnel are separate from Civil.


What are the odds Donald John Trump rolls down escalator on June 16, 2015, four days after the signing of the Law of War Manual and a year before the Military Justice Act.


How come after 241 years of the Military’s founding, the Supreme Court is clarifying in the first piece of documentation, that Military Laws and Courts are separate from Civil Laws and Courts. And that Military personnel are separate from Civil personnel?


The Federal Continuity Directive 1 was signed January 17, 2017, three days before Bossman Trump took office… which is Plan 1 of the Continuity of Government with chapters of Devolution and Reconstitution. The dates in the Federal Register say 2018 to 2022.


There were two Officers of the Military standing behind Bossman Trump on Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017, with the headbands: Military Intelligence and Judge Advocate General.


The Federal Continuity Directive 2 was signed June 13, 2017. The dates in the Federal Register say 2020 to 2024.


Why did CIC Trump have to declare 9 National Emergencies, 7 in Executive Orders? Why didn’t Congress have a joint resolution as prescribed by Law for National Emergencies (Stafford Act) to deal with one… much less 9?


Who was it that Federalized the National Guard to Active-Duty in March 2020? Who was the President in March 2020?


What part of Article II of the Constitution don’t you understand and why is it so difficult to understand our Founders separated powers from Government and Military?


How come we have so many Soldiers and Veterans who say Governors have control of their National Guard? Yeah, for State Emergencies only, however, the Military’s still under the Chain of Command and Governor is not on that list. Best learn what that exactly means.


How come so many Soldiers and Veterans do not know 10 United States Code 12406? It’s only under the same Title 10 you swore in under.


How come Executive Order 13848 is all about Foreign Interference in Elections yet it was signed September 12, 2018, which was 2 months before ANY Election under CIC Trump?


How come in that same EO is specifically says: “although no foreign power has changed the outcome or voter tabulation in ANY United States Election…”


How come it doesn’t say "no Domestic"?

How come so many Americans do not understand 3 United States Codes 5-7 and 2 United States Code 7 on when, where, and how we vote, plus the difference in Objections/Voter Tabulations and Contingent Elections?


How come it says… “no… in ANY US Election” … not one, two, a few, some, many… it says none in ANY.


Who would know? Those headbands on January 20, 2017. Military Intelligence and JAG. “We have it all. We’ve caught them all.”


How come ALL Executive Orders with declared National Emergencies, but especially the EO 13848, were all 8 months before the Presidential Election Day, November 3, 2020?


How come CIC Trump signed Executive Order 13959 on November 12, 2020, just 9 days after the Election? Freezing the assets of those who use US Stocks and Trade to fund the Communist Chinese Party.


How come 4 Star General Nakasone tweeted on November 3, 2020, "as tens of

millions of people head to the polls, @US_CyberCom and @NSAgov teams around the

world are fully engaged, working hard with our partners to defend our

elections. We took what we learned from 2018 and brought it to an entirely new

level for #elections2020?”


What did we learn from 2018 that wasn’t already known in 2016? The Executive Order for Foreign Interference once again came 2 months before the first Election under Bossman Trump which would have meant the only evidence produced came from 2016 Election…


How is that so difficult to do the math on?


The Executive Order 13848 was also 2 years and 2 months before the Presidential Election.


Why and how is that so difficult to understand?


How come CIC Trump signed the Federal Resilience Act on December 7, 2020?


How come January 2021 in the Federal Registry has its own listing titled Reconstitution?


How come National Guard came from other states to D.C., which is not a city nor a state, it’s a Foreign Territory to the Military which equals Deployment status?


How come other states were called there when D.C. have their own National Guard?


Since when were 30,000 other soldiers called to D.C. for an “Inauguration” when 98% of the population were under “quarantine” orders and there wasn’t the typical million in viewership?


Since when was a high fence placed around Capitol Building for an “Inauguration” yet has been up since January 2021?


Explain to me how it’s so difficult to understand 47 United States Code 606 actually and literally titled “War Powers of the President” and specifically says the President can shut down TV, Broadcasts, Communications and Government Use of Facilities? Also, part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.


How come a fence went around the Federal Reserve in late 2022?


How come the “Biden Administration” built a replica of the James S. Brady Press Room?


How come an aircraft flew right over a live press conference in April 2021?


How come it’s so difficult to read FAA Regulations that D.C. has a 33 mile no fly-zone radius around the city much less the White House and Capitol Building?


An aircraft reported as an F-35 Raptor flying directly over the press conference? In April 2021? LOL


Explain to me how it’s so difficult to understand what that entails when it’s direct and specific and literally called “War Powers of the President?”


How come the New York Times wrote a bias article, yet told on themselves in a different way, “Trump has powers we aren’t allowed to know about.” Which is false. All powers are written in the Constitution and Laws and Orders.


What’s so hard about understanding History? Perhaps because you do not know anything about it?


Why did the United States protect by Laws and Orders the President of the Philippines during World War II in what’s known as the Commonwealth Act #671?


How come they used a puppet as visual President for press purposes, but the actual President was in Exile with full control of his Military and protection of his people?


Since when does the National Guard deploy to an “Inauguration” and occupy two months later?


Since when do National Guard on ORDERS show up with unsquared and out of regulation uniforms and equipment?


Explain why Nancy Pelosi has admitted she didn’t request the National Guard for January 6 or Inauguration… and no one is applying she did not have the authority to request in the first place?


Why is it so difficult to read Regulations of the National Guard of D.C. which specifically says they’re under direct command of the President?


Why it’s so hard to understand the ONLY person who can Federalize the National Guard to Active-Duty is the President of the United States which is in 10 United States Code 12406?


Explain to me since when do 2,000-pound Rotunda doors, that open from the inside,

from the most guarded place on the planet, get pushed in by mediocre size and non-trained nimwits who didn't adhere to keep it peaceful or go home?


How did those people not know they're in a Foreign Territory? Perhaps because they know nothing about their Country, Foundation, and History?


Explain why it’s so hard to apply who was the President in January 2021?


Explain to me why Nancy Pelosi was on National TV and News saying, “the National Guard of D.C. should be under the same authority as a state?”


Explain to me why Nancy Pelosi is even being asked about the National Guard of D.C. when Regulations specifically outlines the National Guard of D.C. are under DIRECT order of the President?


Explain to me why our Founders created and established a Chain of Command and Military separate from Government… when Nancy is saying the National Guard should be under the same authority as a state?


Explain to me why Biden has extended EVERY single Executive Order where Donald John Trump declared a National Emergency?


Explain to me why Biden has extended Executive Order 13912 listed in 10 United States Code 1209, that sameeee Title 10 that soldiers and veterans swear in under, that Federalized the National Guard to Active-Duty?


The ORDER specifically says 1,000,000 Reserves for no more than 24 consecutive months. When the EO was signed… it was set to expire in March 2022, ole “Biden” even extended it in March 2021 (LOL), and it was extended in March 2022… which now means 2024.


Explain to me why the Federal Continuity Directive 2 and Executive Order 13912 are in unison on their timelines… completion in 2024 and extended to mid-2024?


Why does 50 United States Code 34 say ‘when there’s no joint resolution by Congress to address the National Emergency, the only person who can terminate a National Emergency is the President?’


Why is it so hard to understand Donald John Trump declared those National Emergencies?


Why is it so hard to understand the Orders have NOT been rescinded, revised or revoked, yet all extended?


Why is it so hard to understand since the Orders have NOT been rescinded, revised or revoked, yet all extended… the person who gave the Orders is the one who gets to terminate those and address the Nation as prescribed by Law?


Why is it so difficult to understand that ALL the Laws and Orders above are proven with the evidence of the National Guard being active every single day since their Orders to Active-Duty?


Why is it so difficult to understand Article II of the Constitution which specifies the role of the Commander-in-Chief?


Perhaps because 75% of Americans cannot name the 3 Branches of Government?


So, how will they know about the First War Powers Act, and the speech of FDR on December 8, 1941?


Why is it so difficult to understand Military Laws and Orders are separate from Civil Laws and Orders?


Why is it so difficult to understand the Supreme Court clarified this via the Military Justice Act of 2016?


How come it’s so difficult to understand that the National Guard out of their states and country every single day since March 2020 when it’s all written, signed, passed, and active by Laws and Orders?


Why are the countries from the Law of War Manuals that made up the new Department of Defense Law of War Manual 2015 are all in and out of the United States weekly since January 2021?


Why are the countries from the Abraham Accords in and out as well?


Why do we have so many Veterans who do not know these Military Laws and Orders yet want to mislead and misguide so many people with ignorant comments? Perhaps they feel guilty for serving and never knew they served under two separate Laws and Orders?


Why have two United States Navy Maritime Helicopter Strike Squadrons from San Diego, California, been stationed since January 2021 in Mobile, Alabama, and Miami, Florida, when Coast Guard Regulations specifically define their role of service on Department of Defense dot Gov as a Department of Homeland Security during peacetime and operate under the Navy during times of war?


Why is it in every news article talking about the National Guard deploying it never mentions, “Biden,” the President, or Commander-in-Chief?


Why has Biden never mentioned the words Space Force?


Why is his newest “Press Secretary” on record in a “press conference” being asked about the Space Force replying: “we invite them to come over anytime” when that’s not remotely how the Military operates with its COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF?


Why do the Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force and Army not recognize Biden as President or Commander-in-Chief?


If I don’t know what I know via Laws and Orders of this Military Operation and COG… and 47 US Code 606 that did all those things in January 2021 and controls what the Media reports and show…


If “Biden” is President… Explain to me why the media didn’t go apeshit over “him” having the MOST votes in United States History and not receiving the traditional ride into D.C. on Air Force One for the “Inauguration?”


IF “Biden” is President how come none of the soldiers salute him? Huge difference in saluting the area versus waiting on the President to render and relieve. If the President doesn’t render, you hold until he’s out of sight… same applies with any Officer.


IF “Biden” is President how come all soldiers shown via media and press are out of regulation of uniform and/or not in unison with one another? One wearing certain equipment and the other not. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Didn’t Donald John Trump establish the Space Force as the 6th Military Branch of Service on December 20, 2019?


How come it’s so difficult to apply the Space Force is a Department of the Air Force?


Explain why it’s so difficult for anyone, but more importantly Veterans, to understand that those two apply to one another?


Explain to me why it’s so difficult to understand the Marines are a Department of the Navy?


Explain to me why the Army and the Navy transferred ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Space Force in August and December 2022?


If the Army and Navy transfer ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Space Force… and the Marines are a Department of the Navy… the Coast Guard during times of war operate under the Navy, the Space Force is a Department of the Air Force… and ALL COMMUNICATIONS were transferred to the Space Force under ONE command… how can one not understand who has the command and control?


Explain to me how that’s beyond Buckatunna, Mississippi, math?


Donald John Trump in his proclamation (speech) on November 15, 2022, where everyone thought he was making a 2024 Campaign Candidacy speech… in the middle of all kinds of similar topics… “Pretty soon we’re going to put our beautiful Flag on the surface of Mars.”


The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) is a Department of Defense program established as a separately managed and operated program by the United States Army, and the United States Air Force. The United States Navy-Marine Corps program closed in 2015. The program is a civilian auxiliary consisting primarily of licensed amateur radio operators who are interested in assisting the military with communications on a regional and national level when access to traditional forms of communication may no longer be available. The MARS programs also include active duty, reserve, and National Guard units, and Navy, Marine Corps units.


If the only Military Auxiliary Radio System programs are the Army and Navy… which is the Emergency Communications System aka Emergency Broadcast System… if the Army and Navy transferred ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Space Force… doesn’t that leave the Space Force in control to disable communications and deliver broadcasts to people? Especially since the two words never uttered or stuttered from “Biden’s” lips are Space Force which was established by Donald John Trump? 3rd Grade Math.


His speech covering Military Tribunals and also Martial Law as well as paired with the Law of War Manual, Escalator, Military Justice Act, Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2, 9 National Emergencies – 7 in Executive Orders, Federalizing the Reserve Components of the National Guard to Active-Duty, crowned King in Saudi Arabia, declared Jerusalem Capitol of Israel, established the Abraham Accords, established the Space Force, established the Quantum Initiative, Executive Order 13823 keeping Guantanamo open is still active… and this is just a synopsis…


How are those so hard to understand and apply to all the above in a chronological outline?


How come there’s article after article of the SEC versus companies and CEOs before and after CIC Trump’s speech on November 15, 2022, where he said, “we’re going through a pause right now. It’s what I call the Pause?”


How it’s so hard to understand “The Pause” is under as the Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities? PAUSE: “These are entities that falsely claim to be registered, licensed, and/or located in the United States in their solicitation of investors. In many cases, SEC investigation reveals that the soliciting entities are not registered in the United States as they claim or imply.”

How and why does PAUSE align with Executive Order 13959?

Why did Bossman mention on November 15, 2022, in his speech talking to President XI about what he did for Drug Trafficking in which he said we have ‘Quick Trials?’ “We have trial in the morning and execution by the end of day.” He mentioned this after he said we are going to decimate crime and street gangs by 75-85% which is Martial Law talk.

If they execute Drug Traffickers… what do you think they’ll do to Child Traffickers, Human Traffickers and Sex Traffickers?

Why is one of his Executive Orders, 13818, about Human Rights Abuse? His first EO with a National Emergency declared in December 2017… sounds like it took precedent first. To save as many women and children in bondage and slavery as possible.

How come people do not understand these are proclamations not speeches by Bossman?

His December 15, 2022, proclamation says as soon as I’m President… “immediately” certain things he mentioned would happen. “Immediately” and “Urgent” does not equal January 20, 2025.

How come it’s so difficult to understand President and Commander-in-Chief are two separate Laws, roles, and duties?

How come it’s so difficult to understand that Military operates via a Chain of Command where the Orders come from the top?

How come soldiers call their First Sergeant “Tops?”

How come the First Sergeant calls the Sergeants Major “Tops?”

Amazing how that Chain of Command works for those who’ve been in it, ain’t it?


Although I KNOW it’s a Military Operation and COG… How come “Biden” spent majority of his 2020 Campaign on the topic of shutting down Guantanamo Bay aka GITMO?


How come IF he is President, it being he would have all the same powers as every President before him, he does not revoke Executive Order 13823 and sign his own Executive Order to close it down?


How come IF he’s President he has not exerted Executive Privilege on the classified documents found in his garage? If he is President, he’d be protected by Executive Order 13489, National Archives for Presidents and Vice Presidents, plus once again… he can exert Executive Privilege which is a Privilege of the Executive Branch.


How come there’s 4 different Military Aircraft with Call Signs GTMO842, 844, 845, 001, flying back and forth 3-5 times a week back and forth from Jacksonville, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?


How come “Biden’s” party, the Democratic Party, wants to invoke the 14th Amendment on CIC Trump to not run for office in 2024 by LAW yet “Biden” swore in at 11:47 AM EST on January 20th, 2021, breaking the 20th Amendment?