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🚨 Devolution Part VIII: How & When - Military Control & Continuity of Government

ALL CREDIT: Patel Patriot


If you haven’t read the first six parts of the Devolution series, please do so now here:

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Special thank you to contributing author A. C. Harmony for her help editing!

This past week I have been writing what would have been Devolution - Part 8. A rather complicated piece with lots of detail to sort out. However, the piece I was writing is being pushed back to Part 9 because some important pieces of circumstantial evidence relating to Devolution finally clicked for me.

I will always give credit to where credit is due, and there is certainly some credit due here to a couple people. I was having a conversation on telegram with a friend named John. He said a member of our Spitballers telegram group had a message that he found interesting. This shows the importance of the Devolution theory gaining more traction. More people are adding bits and pieces to the puzzle. Thank you to both John and lurehound! Here was the message that kicked off this article.

The Battlefield

I’ve discussed many times already that the Military would be the only ones to win this war for Trump due to the CCP infiltrating so many of our institutions including the highest levels of our government and government agencies. The war for America’s soul has been raging for quite some time. A war between good and evil. Between Trump and his enemies. There are many fronts that this war is fought on and all those fronts converged on November 3rd. The election was the most important “battle”. Trump’s enemies knew that winning the election battle would ultimately win them the war, but Trump knew that too.

The Democrats did everything they could throughout Trump’s presidency to remove him from office. As I’ve already presented throughout the Devolution Series, the CCP used Covid-19 and the riots as their primary vehicles to damage Trump’s re-election chances prior to the election taking place.

When nothing worked and Trump was clearly going to win by a landslide, Trump’s enemies were forced to alter the election results using the voting machines (on top of other methods). These two facts are important because in order for the Military to take an active role in this war, they needed a legal reason for doing so. CCP involvement was their reason.

Devolution - Part 6 lays out HOW the Military could legally get involved in monitoring Antifa as well as WHEN they were able to get involved.

Devolution - Part 7 lays out HOW the Military could legally get involved with the election theft, but we have been missing the WHEN.

When did the Military move from “planning” to “implementing” Devolution?

I now think I can answer that question and I believe that answer comes from a tweet that serves as a connection between Antifa and the election theft.

Daniel Scavino Jr.

Trump first met Scavino on the golf course in 1990. He is and always has been one of Trump’s closest allies and confidants. At first, I wasn’t sold on the idea that Scavino would be in the know about Devolution. Until there was enough circumstantial evidence to prove otherwise, I couldn’t get my head wrapped around the idea that either Trump or the Military would involve Trump’s White House social media director.

My personal theory regarding Devolution is constantly evolving as I continue to research and I’m now certain that that Scavino is “in the know”. That certainty comes from this one picture.

This photo was taken on 10/26/2019. The caption reads “ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi - is DEAD.” To me this picture shows he was informed on national security operations as well as counter-terrorism operations. Look who else is in the picture with him.

Scavino appeared to be getting counterterrorism briefings while standing directly next to two of the biggest players in the Devolution Series. Just one more “coincidence” in this theory I’m sure.

On December 15th, 2020, Dan Scavino tweeted this picture with the caption “Historical moment in the Oval—will share what it was, one of these days, when I can….”

I distinctly remember when this picture came out and how it affected me. It strengthened my belief that Trump had a fix for the stolen election and was going to be doing something to stop Joe Biden from taking office. I was beyond confident. Why would he share a picture with that caption unless it truly was a historic moment? Nothing would be more historic than Trump being able to successfully “stop the steal”.

My small-minded thinking led me to assume whatever Trump would be doing was to happen prior to the inauguration. I keep saying we all need to be thinking bigger. After the inauguration and prior to writing the Devolution Series, I would think about this picture and get frustrated. I was clueless as to what this meeting possibly could have been about. I was clearly wrong about its significance.

Or was I?

Now that I’ve started to “think bigger”, I believe I can start to make some connections.

Looking closely at his tweet, we can see that there are green trees in the background. There wouldn’t be green trees outside the window in December. Clearly that picture was taken during warmer weather. So I simply dug through Scavino’s Facebook page and finally I came across this picture from June 1st, 2020:

This picture is clearly from the same meeting as the tweet Scavino sent out on December 15th. Here is the caption from the June 1st tweet:

The picture in the June 1st tweet was taken while they were preparing his address to the nation regarding the riots and Antifa. The address where he “threatens” to mobilize the Military. Devolution - Part 6 tells lays out why June 1, 2020 an important date when it comes to Devolution:

The Military knew before June 1st that there were foreign actors involved in these riots but they didn’t get involved with active surveillance (publicly anyway) until it got to the point that city and state governments failed in their duty to protect the citizens of their States.

June 1, 2020, is the date the Military became actively involved in the Antifa investigation.

Now back to the original Scavino tweet:

Why didn’t Scavino say it was a “historic moment” when he released the first picture from this meeting on June 1st? Why was a picture of this meeting a “historic moment” when it was shared again from a different angle on December 15th? What is the significance of December 15th, 2020?

There are a lot of important things happening around this time frame. The first date to point out is December 18th, 2020; The date the Intelligence Community was to submit its assessment on foreign threats to the 2020 U.S. elections as required by Executive Order 13848 (Devolution - Part 7). Keep that in mind as I continue.

John Ratcliffe

December 12th, 2020, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe posted this to twitter:

So we know DNI Ratcliffe spent some significant time with President Trump on December 12th. The very next day, on December 13th, President Trump Posts this to twitter (these are the tweets lurehound and John from telegram were referencing):

“Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct … In all Swing State cases, there are far more votes than are necessary to win the State, and the Election itself. Therefore, VOTES CANNOT BE CERTIFIED. THIS ELECTION IS UNDER PROTEST!”

Trump was never afraid to vent about the election fraud on twitter but the day after spending significant time alone with DNI John Ratcliffe, he vents about specific examples of fraud (including machine “glitches”) and twice states that we cannot legally certify the votes. (Recall Devolution - part 4 where I present my theory about President Trump suspending the electoral college vote.)

What do you think DNI John Ratcliffe and President Trump talked about on the day of the Army-Navy football game? I believe it has to do with what I covered in Devolution - Part 7. Here is the relevant breakdown from executive order 13848 from that article:

I know I presented the hypothetical of the military going directly to Trump to kick of Devolution but in my research for this piece, I have come to a different conclusion. As I said previously, my theory continuously evolves as I continue to research. I only change my theory about something when the circumstantial evidence forces me to.

I believe DNI Ratcliffe presented a report to Trump on December 12th showing two things.

  1. China interfered in our election

  2. The Intelligence Community was covering it up.

Six days after DNI Ratcliffe attended the Army-Navy game with President Trump, it was reported that the Intelligence community assessment would be delayed “amid dispute over whether China sought to influence 2020 election. Devolution - Part 7 lays out that when the Intelligence Community finally submitted their assessment on January 7th, 2021, DNI Ratcliffe released his memo titled “Views on Intelligence Community Election Security Analysis”. The first paragraph of that memo reads:

He states he is “the individual who consumes all of the U.S. government’s most sensitive intelligence on the People’s Republic of China”. As the DNI, he would have known at the time of the December 12th Army-Navy football game that the Intelligence Community assessment was going to be late.

He knew they were attempting a coverup. I believe he even warned them that he knew.

On December 3rd, 2020 DNI Ratcliffe wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled "China Is National Security Threat No. 1.

There are some incredibly strong words coming from DNI Ratcliffe just 9 days prior to his time with Trump. He specifically calls out the intelligence agencies saying “we must look with clear eyes at the facts in front of us, which make plain that China should be America’s primary national security focus going forward.” He didn’t want them to go down the path of covering up for the CCP and their involvement in the election theft.

We know the Military was already watching the foreign actors involved with the riots. We also know that they would be used to safe guard the election. They even call themselves the “Guardians”.

There is little doubt in my mind that with the technological capabilities employed by the United States Space Force, that they saw foreign interference as it was happening. They were ready to act as needed but they were waiting for the the constitutional process to play out and gave the Intelligence Community a chance to do their job as required by Executive Order 13848. The Military waited until it was obvious the IC was going to allow the election to be stolen and they had failed in their duty to protect the citizens of their States.

December 15th, 2020, the day the Military moved from “planning” for Devolution to “implementing” Devolution.

This one tweet from Scavino serves as the connection between pre-election and post-election foreign interference. That certainly makes this tweet “historic” to me.

I don’t think that was the only instance of Scavino using his twitter account to hint at something much bigger going on. On December 19th, 2020, he tweeted a series of 3 pictures.

Each of the historical figures pictured in these tweets were “war-time” leaders. In Devolution - Part 4, I talked extensively about Abraham Lincoln and how Trump followed Lincoln’s model from the Civil War to do whatever he deemed necessary to save the constitution and the country. I think the tweeted picture of Winston Churchill is just as significant.

Churchill is an honorary “American citizen” whose “ancestors were officers in Washington’s army.” That is truly remarkable, but looking back at something he once wrote provides us with something even more remarkable. On August 22, 1936, Winston Churchill wrote an article titled “What Good’s a Constitution?”.

“Written soon after Franklin Roosevelt’s Democratic Convention Address of 1936, this article by British statesman Winston Churchill points to the wide gulf between Churchill’s and Roosevelt’s economic views, even if five years later they would forge a close wartime alliance. Beyond their differences on economics, Churchill sees the American Constitution as an enduring source of strength for the American republic, not an obstacle to be overcome.”

This article from 1936 perfectly encapsulates the turmoil our country has been going through. It’s almost as if he was writing this in 2020.

[Here are screenshots of a majority of Churchill’s article only leaving out the parts where he discusses England.]

[Skipping parts regarding England]


There is one more person in this story that I have yet to talk about and I think now is the time to view his actions from a different perspective. January 6th, 2020, will always be remembered as a stain on American history. For Mike Pence, January 6th had to be one of the most difficult days of his life. So many American’s who once admired him as a Patriot began vilifying him as a Judas.

If you have read my entire series to this point, you either believe that Devolution is happening or you at least have an open mind to it, even if you are not yet convinced. Whichever best describes you, I ask that you read the upcoming letter with the following assumptions to fully understand what I’m trying to show you:

  • Devolution is happening.

  • Trump suspended the electoral college vote

  • Biden assuming office had to happen

With those assumptions as pretext, let’s go through the letter Mike Pence wrote on January 6th, 2021; The day of the electoral college vote.

I know that you might not be expecting so many words from Winston Churchill in this piece, but my conscience won't allow me to exclude them. My conclusion will come following the screenshots. I believe these are words that our country needs to be reminded of right now, and I believe they directly reflect the reason why we've HAD to go through what we've been through with this election.

Right away he tells us that he will be doing his duty as the presiding officer “Under our Constitution”. He goes on to tell us that he shares concerns regarding election fraud and states “the American people choose the American President (interesting he added “American” here as it was already implied), and have every right under the law to demand free and fair elections and a full investigation of electoral misconduct.” He knows it’s our right to choose the President and that electoral fraud should be looked into, but he also knows its the role of elected representatives to handle these situations as they arise during the electoral college vote. It’s not his job to interject.

Again, telling us the “Presidency belongs to the American people”. I believe he is telling us that he knows there was foreign interference.

The second highlighted part could be viewed from two perspectives and I think both perspectives are accurate. “When disputes concerning a presidential election arise, under Federal law, it is the people’s representatives who review the evidence and disputes through a democratic process.”

  1. This could be Pence referring to the election audits. “It is the people’s representatives (State Legislature) who review the evidence (Forensic Audits).”

  2. He could also be referring to members of Congress not actually being the duly elected members of Congress. “It is the peoples representatives who review the evidence.” What if the peoples representatives aren’t the ones who were truly elected? How big was this fraud? How many in Congress aren’t legitimate?

He is again telling us that it isn’t his duty in his role while presiding over the electoral college vote to interject. His “only responsibility and power … is to faithfully count the electoral college votes as they have been cast.” He knows the votes were cast fraudulently but his Constitutional role prevents him from acting on it.

Here Pence brings up his oath. I’ll come back to that but again, he states his Constitutional role prevents him from interjecting in the vote. He then specifically brings up Congress and their duty to “address election controversies when they arise during the count of the vote of the electoral college.” He welcomes them to to “use their authority under the law to raise objections and present evidence.” This is his way of telling us that if anybody is going to be able to prevent a stolen election, it’s going to be members of the Joint Session of Congress during the electoral college vote.

This paragraph is so important. He says “I ask only that Representatives and Senators who will assemble before me approach this moment with the same sense of duty and an open mind, setting politics and personal interests aside, and do our part to faithfully discharge our duties under the Constitution”.

At the opening of a new congress, Representatives beginning their 6 year term must recite what is called the Congressional Oath of Office:

In his letter, he is reminding Congress of their Oath of office and he uses some of the same exact language to do so: “faithfully discharge our duties”. It’s almost as if he is giving them a lifeline—an “out.” He is telling them to do the right thing for their country and not go through with allowing a Presidential Election to be stolen.

He assured us that he would keep his oath to us and to Almighty God. His oath to us is to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I truly believe Mike Pence was true to his word.

By not doing anything extraordinary or inconsistent with his constitutional role during the electoral college vote, Mike Pence actually did one of the most extraordinary things a Vice President has ever done. By doing his duty, he gave Congress the opportunity to choose their fate. Devolution was already in motion and his role was to allow Biden to win the electoral college vote if Congress let it get that far.

Even though he knew many people would brand him a traitor, he did exactly what the moment required of him.

We owe Mike Pence our gratitude.


Patel Patriot

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God Bless you all!


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