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Devolution Part XII: The Playbook - A Color Revolution

ALL CREDIT: Patel Patriot


If you haven’t read the first eight parts of the Devolution series, please do so now here:

In my previous articles I have discussed the larger battle ongoing between Donald Trump and the political establishment. The “swamp,” the “deep state,” whatever you want to call this enemy, we know they are entrenched throughout all of our major institutions. They did everything they could to prevent Trump from being elected in 2016 and blatantly stole an election in 2020.

Just how deep does the Swamp go? I intend to figure that out to the best of my abilities. This article is going to be the first of at least two articles solely focused on the “deep state” and the tactics they have used throughout Trump’s presidency which culminated in the theft of the 2020 election. Everything from the Russia hoax to installing Biden as president is connected.

The Playbook

The focus of this article is going to be all about providing the proper context that we will need for Devolution - Part 13. It’s incredibly important to understand who the political establishment is and their history of manipulating the political landscape to their benefit. The 2020 United States election wasn’t the first time the political establishment ousted a leader they didn’t want or couldn’t control. Having only followed politics since 2018, what I’ll be covering in this article was new information to me but may not be new to those reading. Either way, it’s important to better understand this topic before we move forward.

Let’s talk about “Color Revolutions,” how the political establishment has mastered them, and how they used their Color Revolution playbook domestically during Trump’s presidency.

What is the definition & purpose of a Color Revolution?

As we go further, you’ll see exactly what is meant by “state destabilization,” but the biggest take away here is knowing all Color Revolutions closely follow the same template. We will be closely examining that template shortly, but first we need to discuss the ideology behind Color Revolutions.

Some major statements are made in the above screenshot. “It is not content with alternative ideological and value systems and must steamroll over them in its pursuit of global dominance.” Doesn’t that sound exactly like what the democratic party has been doing to conservatives for years?

“The state (and society as a whole) must combat a part of itself that is ‘rising up’ against the status quo, leading to a conflict of interest and a social civil war.” Think back to the summer of 2020 and all the violent protesters. Can you think of any instances of mismanagement by the state in dealing with the protests? How many blue state governors did almost nothing to shut down the protests? Was it done on purpose to follow the Color Revolution playbook?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what a Color Revolution is, we will need to go a bit deeper. Revolver news has put out a series of 3 well-researched articles on the topic. Each one is fascinating and worth the full read, but I will be breaking down the main points below.

These articles help outline how our United States government has been using color revolutions over the years to implement regime changes without having to use an actual military “coup.” Instead, they use street protests, disputed elections and a favorable media.

When you read through these articles, you’ll notice that some familiar names start popping up. The people considered to be “Color Revolution Experts” are the same people that were involved in trying to take down Trump during his 1st impeachment.

Norm Eisen is of particular interest. Here is a small sample of what Revolver news had to say.

Now before we get too far, we need to reflect on something from that last screenshot.

…the very same regime change professionals who run Color Revolutions on behalf of the US Government in order to undermine or overthrow alleged ‘authoritarian’ governments overseas, are running the very same playbook to overturn Trump’s 2016 victory and to pre-empt a repeat in 2020.

I’d like to provide some information to substantiate that statement. Let’s look at the “criteria needed for a successful Color Revolution” and compare it to Donald Trump’s presidency.

Let’s break it down. From the above article:

  1. “The incumbent leader of the regimes must be very unpopular and face the so-called ‘Lame Duck Syndrome.’”

Even though it was never true, the political establishment started to build this narrative before Trump even entered office.

This narrative was created from the get-go and the authors of it never relented throughout Trump’s first term. Poll after poll, one fake news story after the next, all used to create a narrative that Trump was very unpopular. The first criterion “needed for a successful Color Revolution” is met.

  1. “The anti-regime forces are enforced by mass-media and foreign influences.” Here is how E-International Relations explained it:

How much money has George Soros pumped into liberal organizations over the years? How many lies and fake news stories has the media pushed on us during Trump’s first term? The second criterion “needed for a successful Color Revolution” is met.

  1. “The revolution must not be ideological; it must be for the sake of better national integration, freedom, democracy and economic development.”

How many times did the democrats say that Trump is a “threat to our Democracy”? That he was a dictator? That removing him from office was needed for the sake of saving America? The third criterion “needed for a successful Color Revolution” is met.

  1. “The anti-regime forces should also be motivated by the grievances on the corrupted government which is supported by a foreign state which the people do not desire.”

The Democrats and the media have been trying to paint Donald Trump as a Russian agent since before he took office. We’re starting to see more evidence come out from Durham’s investigation showing us just how big that conspiracy is. It’s all part of the Color Revolution plan that the political establishment used against Trump. The fourth criterion “needed for a successful Color Revolution” is met.

Just the TIP

One of the more interesting and sinister developments that took place in 2020 was creation of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP). On August 3rd of 2020, the Transition Integrity Project released a report titled “Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition.” This 22 page document outlined a series of four “war game” election night scenarios. Here is what Revolver news had to say about the Transition Integrity Project.

Participants got to choose whether their involvement would be publicly disclosed or not so we don’t have a full list, but wikipedia listed of some of the participants. Note that Revolver news also reported that Norm Eisen participated in the event.

Remember that they claim that the Transition Integrity Project is “bi-partisan.” Back to Revolver News:

Here are the four scenarios that were “war-gamed” by the Transition Integrity Project:

The following screenshots are how Revolver news broke down and analyzed the Transition Integrity Project’s report. Remember, the TIP report was released in August of 2020, well before the November 3rd election. Compare this to what actually unfolded during the 2020 election.

You can clearly see a picture emerging that the report released by the Transition Integrity Project wasn’t just some war gaming by political figures. This was right out of the playbook they used to steal the the 2020 election and they put it out there for the world to see. Why would they do that?

Here is what American Mind had to say:

This is how the fake-news works, as you might recall from the Russia Hoax. The political establishment fabricated evidence of “Russia, Russia, Russia,” fed it to their puppets in the fake MSM, and those stories were the seeds used to justify further investigation.

Their planted stories are key in their effort to paint their lies as somehow legitimate.

Try to think about this from Donald Trump’s point of view. Trump and his team are not stupid. They knew exactly what was coming. The TIP report sent a clear message that even if Trump wins the election, the political establishment would sow chaos and turmoil for as long as it took until Trump was removed from office.

I’ve said before that Trump had a choice to make leading up to January 20th, 2021. He could either reveal the fraud and remain in office, or “walk away.” What would have happened if Trump made the moves to prevent Joe Biden from taking office? The report from the Transition Integrity Project gave us the answer. There would have been violence in the streets. With tensions as high as they were, we would have had a civil war in our country. The exact type of brief civil war where civilians actually die and Trump would have been forced to act. This would have placed him squarely in a situation where he would undoubtedly be condemned no matter how he responded…that’s how color revolutions work.

Trump really only had one option to save the country from that turmoil; he had to walk away in order to save lives.

When we start really digging into the Transition Integrity Project, it quickly becomes apparent that this group is just the “TIP” of the iceberg of who has been involved in trying to remove Trump from office. As such, it’s important to look at who created the TIP and who paid for it.

The Transition Integrity Project report tells us who the founders are:

Here is what the National Pulse had to say about the two founders:

So the TIP already has ties to George Soros and the CCP through the project’s co-founders. The National Pulse also reported that the TIP is funded by “United to Protect Democracy.” This fact was on the original TIP website which was subsequently taken down and relaunched after having removed that connection. It will become obvious here shortly as to why they didn’t want that connection out there. Thankfully the original site was archived.

The connection to United to Protect Democracy is massive. The first thing to note is the connection between United to Protect Democracy and the Protect Democracy Project. From their website:

Here is the list of organizations who have given money to “Protect Democracy”:

Each one of these organizations almost exclusively donate to left-leaning causes. Let’s look at a few of these organizations more closely. First up, the Bauman Family Foundation.

The Bauman Family Foundation is a member of two coalitions; the Democracy Alliance Conferences and the Funders Committee for Civic Participation.

First, the Democracy Alliance:

Another Soros connection. Are you as shocked as I am? (Insert eye roll here.)

Now let’s look at this interesting connection found within the Joyce Foundation:

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation consists of “Big Tech” players and those who censored Trump and conservatives during the “Color Revolution” that took place during the 2020 election:

When considering those who founded and paid for the Transition Integrity Project, it becomes glaringly obvious that we are witnessing the 2nd criterion to a successful Color Revolution:

The anti-regime forces are enforced by mass-media and foreign influences.

Foreign and domestic influences (NGOs) funding a project with the sole intention of creating and planting a narrative: that anything other than a Biden victory will not be accepted and is therefore not possible.

We can go even further here and connect “Protect Democracy” to other aspects of the 2020 election. You might recall that during the summer of 2020, the Democrats were going all over the country filing lawsuits in order to change election laws to their benefit using the pandemic as a pretext. Remember that Marc Elias is at the center of the political establishment’s fight to implement a color revolution domestically. He played a major role in the Russia Hoax and he is anticipated to be one of the individuals on Durham’s unfolding list of indictments. He was also their “go to guy” for many of their pre and post election legal battles.

I didn’t spend the time to dig through all the lawsuits from prior to the 2020 election, but here is one specific example of a Soros funded group (Priorities USA), using Marc Elias as their attorney to change election signature matching laws in Michigan:

If we fast forward to after Biden’s “inauguration,” we see Elias enter the picture again in the fight against forensic audits. The Soros-funded Protect Democracy (who funded the Transition Integrity Project) hired Marc Elias to challenge the Arizona Forensic Audit.

How many other election laws were illegally changed based on lawsuits funded by George Soros or other NGOs?

What Now?

So how could Trump possibly go about defeating the political establishment -- specifically a character like George Soros-- who has been successfully influencing United States politics for years while carefully avoiding “crossing the line” into prosecutable interference?

My initial thought process led me to re-examine Executive Order 13848 - Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. I have covered this EO extensively in previous articles, but up until this point, I had been looking at this EO specifically at the cyber aspect of altering the vote count. For the record, I am still convinced that the military has evidence of direct foreign interference in the cyber arena and that is all they would need to justify devolution as a continuity of government plan. But there is more to EO 13848 and it is worth examining if only to serve as a thought experiment.

EO 13848 mentions interfering or undermining public confidence in United States elections through “the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation.” The EO then goes on to give us some important definitions, including “foreign interference,” with respect to an election, as well as what constitutes a “foreign government.”

Does the Transition Integrity Project report fit the definition of foreign interference? I think it could be considered “a deceptive action undertaken with the purpose or effect of influencing and/or undermining public confidence in election processes or institutions” but the foreign aspect is a tough one to definitively nail down. Nils Gilman, co-founder of the TIP, has ties to the CCP through the Berggruen Institute but is that connection strong enough or direct enough?

The mentioning of “political party” certainly is interesting. Could George Soros and his Open Society fit that definition? Could the lawsuits that illegally changed election laws be considered foreign interference? I’m not sure it’s possible to legally make those connections but it is definitely interesting to ponder.


Clearly, the same people from our own government who have implemented color revolutions abroad have also attempted to implement one here, as well.

When you look at Trump’s presidency from a 40,000 ft. view, the massive scope of the swamp comes into focus. This is how one begins to see the picture of what Trump was up against.

Every single move made by the political establishment-- from before Trump took office up until they stole the presidency for Joe Biden, and the subsequent events that have unfolded during Biden’s time in “office”-- have all been part of the “playbook.” Everything from Spygate to the Transition Integrity Project to current events…they are all clearly connected.

Devolution is just one aspect of Trump’s plan to save America. Trump knew well before taking office how corrupt and entrenched the political establishment is. How do you defeat an enemy like that?

How do you destroy it so it never returns? It’s one thing to “cut the head off” but how do you make sure another doesn’t grow in its place?

In order to obtain a total victory, you must first arm yourself with the proper “weapons” with which to do battle.

Buckle up. In my next installment, I’ll be discussing Trump’s “weapon” of choice:


Patel Patriot

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