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💉Download The Legal Vaccine Refusal Form Here - Do Not Let Your Employer Threaten You!

Whether public or private, large or small, contractor or employee at will, NO organization, can legally force you to take the experimental COVID-19 shots. In fact, doing so is not only a violation of US Laws, it's a violation of the International Nuremberg Codes. The latter was established in the wake of World War II to regulate the ethics of medical intervention. Forcing anyone to take the "jabs" is a very serious international infraction that in the past, has been punishable by death for medical and governmental officials found to be in violation of the Code. Read More About the Nuremberg Code Here

If ANYONE, including your employer tries to force you to take the "jabs", we have recently added the correct legal form, courtesy of in our resources section. We encourage everyone to visit as well as Americas Frontline Doctors and get educated.

Below you will find a copy of the legal form to be provided to your employer for legal exemption from the shots. Be sure to make and sign TWO copies and keep on in a safe place for your records.


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