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🟨 Elon Musk's Subtle "Q-Drop" - 5th Generation Warfare

November 30, 2022

Those participating in the Military-Civilian partnership known as "Q" (not 'QAnon') are fully aware that there are millions of private citizens worldwide that have been "read-in" to this operation at different levels. They are your neighbors, your coworkers, your family, members of law enforcement, ex-military, public figures, government plants and members of the media.

This IS 5th-Generation, Information Warfare. Pubic awareness of the truth cannot be achieved without a plan to push information past the firewall that is the state-sponsored Mockingbird Media.

Over the past two years, we have posted a seemingly endless list of videos, images and articles that prove the existence of an active covert military operation. President Trump sends out coded communications to the group in his speeches, Truth Social posts and "re-truths" Q memes and posts on a daily basis. His rally addresses all conclude with the last 5 minutes being delivered with the song "Where We Go One We Go All" piped into the background.

It's time that folks understand this is all very real, whether they choose to like it or not. In this world, you can lead, follow or get out of the way. That time has long since arrived.

We have long discussed Elon's involvement with the operation, as the largest civilian contractor to the US Military. His mission has been to expose and liberate Twitter and he has succeeded, red pilling millions in the process.

Earlier this week, as Elon Musk was in the midst of liberating Twitter, the world's "town square," from the grips of tyranny, he posted a very-telling tweet from his "bedside." The imagery in the post was likely lost on most casual observers, but not on the Anons of the Q movement. As usual, prominent Anons on Telegram perfectly outlined how Elon's post was not just a coincidence, it was a communication:

When I saw Elon’s bedside table picture posted on Twitter, I initially was distracted by the gun and the soda cans, as many people I’m sure were as well. After recognizing the picture on the musket case a flood of information and interpretation from the past few months flashed through my mind. NOW is the time that everything we’ve been learning is culminating into the final scene, have you been paying attention?

Picture 1: Elon Musk Tweet posted to twitter 11/28 depicting what he claims to be his bedside table complete with an inoperable gun, cans of caffeine-free soda, a musket in a decorative case. The “Normies” will see the gun and the caption about soda costers and be triggered. But a true Anon see’s the picture on the musket case and recognizes it immediately.

Pictures 2 & 3: On October 31st 2017 (remember October 31st is a significant date) Q post #14 represented the first time an image was posted. It depicted General Washington navigating the dangerous current and obstacles of the icy Delaware:

Picture 4: A close up view of the image shows just how perilous the river crossing was, the current trying to bring down the Patriots the entire way seemingly trying to protect the tyrants on the opposite shoreline. -Speculation: The current, obstacles, and danger in the water represent the Cabal and all of the efforts they are making to prevent the Patriots from reaching the shore and destroying the tyrants. Is this what “Watch the Water” is referring to???

Picture 5: What was the mechanism that the patriots rode to shore protecting them from the dangers lurking in the waters below? A boat… Specifically a DURHAM boat. -Speculation, will the Patriots be brought to shore upon the Durham report??? Well, Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas 1776. Maybe in the next few weeks we’ll find out?

Aside from the deeper details I speculated on, I think the fact that out of all the things in the world he could have on his bedside table, he chooses an image with such profound significance in the Q community is a nod to Anon’s. Things are happening in rapid succession right now, both visible to the public and behind the shadows. If anything, Mr. Musks conscious decision to make his bedside table choice a public spectacle should tell Anon’s that you’re not wasting your time here and genuine Truthers such as Phil have been on point for a very long time. Hold on to your hat’s y’all, it’s going to be a bumpy ride this winter! -AJ

Well done AJ 👏

Anons know. Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.




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