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🎥 Eyes 👀 On Brazil: The Military is Set to Deliver the Results of the Presidential Election Audit.

November 9, 2022

I agree completely with the Badlands Media analysis here. Bolsonaro is a Trump ally and we know they are working together. We have said all along that Brazil would be a preview of events to come in the United States.

We have said that either the elections would be cancelled or they would proceed with massive fraud for all of the world to see.

Unlike 2020 where only a small group of us were watching the fraud happen in real time at 1am, today it started at 7am and continued all day. Voters of all parties and all demographics in all states saw for themselves what we did two years ago.

It is still happening as we speak. Systems down, duplicate and triplicate ballots, citizens told they voted already obvious impossible statistical voting anomalies (see: Fetterman, Whitmer, Newsom, Hochul, Shapiro, ALL of Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Nevada and on and on and on).

We had a Citizen Army watching this time and broadcasting it to the world in real time. Hundreds of thousands of incident reports recorded and documented in real time.

Voters still asleep on the ground all got a giant Red Pill suppository today.

And we aren’t done yet.

Stay tuned.

The precipice is here.



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