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Facebook 🇨🇳 Bans Ads to Recall CA Gov. Newsom

FakeBook is doubling down.

Since the violence at the Capitol our dear leader, the almighty Zuck, has sought out to silence dissent against his comrades in the Democrat party. While of course Fascbook is free to do as they please as a private company, somehow claiming to be a free and open forum at the same time is a bit disingenuous. Their actions continue to threaten the free exercise of speech by individuals and by the press, as numerous personal accounts have been suspended for alleged “hate speech” and seemingly innocuous articles posted by news organizations on only one side of the aisle (guess which side) are now being flagged by Fascbook’s “fact checkers” as false or for other vague violations.

Now, in a shocking ( and by “shocking” I mean completely predictable) turn of events, the Fascbook Ad Nazis have said to the movement to recall the oh-incompetent-one, Gavin Newsom, “No ads for you!”

According to Carl DeMaio, the chairman for Reform California, a group currently circulating petitions to recall Newsom, Facebook notified them that they will no longer accept the placement of ads to recall Mr. French Laundry. Over the last couple of weeks there has been a concerted effort from the violent and militant left to tie all conservative organizations to the violence which struck the Capitol. To be clear, what happened at the Capitol was violent, unnecessary, and completely out of line, and anyone who participated in that action should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That being said, attempting to tie non-violent people and movements to the actions of a violent few is equally deplorable.

Leave it to the San Diego Democrats, led by Mr. Lorena Gonzalez, to falsely attempt to tie the efforts to throw the bum in Sacramento to the curb to what happened at the Capitol. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Leftist Agenda Times (the L.A. Times) published an article recently attempting to tie the Recall efforts to violence at the Capitol.

Of course, political violence of any kind should be abhorred. But it seems that the left accepts and loves violence and destruction as long as it is the means to forward their agenda or to take out Orange Man Bad. Facebook likely hasn’t de-platformed or ad-banned BLM, Antifa, or any other groups responsible for illegal violent acts, including the murder of dozens and the destruction of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars of property during 2020, yet they ad-ban a group promoting a fully legal recall effort – a tool explicitly provided for in the California Constitution as a way for voters to make their voices heard directly. The blatant double standard is, of course, their right, but it is also outright fascist, full stop.

There have been no threats of violence or unrest made by the Reform California organization nor any other efforts by the group to encourage violence or disseminate misinformation that could inspire such violence. That, of course, doesn’t stop Fascbook.

Reform California has taken the steps to appeal the decision made by Fascbook, but no final decision on ad-placement has been made by Facebook at the time of printing this article.



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