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False Positives + Statistical Manipulation = Global Pandemic - The X22 Report

Editor's Note - The Basis of this article was taken from The X22 Report Podcast - “We Must Fight, Running Red, Sonic Boom, Operation Mockingbird – Ep. 2581" - The Original Podcast is embedded at the bottom of the article.

The PLANDemic - have you not realized now that 99% of it is fake?

It has been created by the PCR test, which is a test that does not detect COVID.

It's a test that doesn't work for its intended use - it's proven by the CDC, the FDA and the WHO. They all admitted it gives false positives. This is why they're changing it by December 31, when they'll take a new test and will separate COVID from the flu.

Most of the people that have tested positive, most likely have a common cold or the flu, because remember, the flu has almost exactly the same symptoms. The majority of those testing positive were likely the result of the test picking up dead viral cells.

All of this was created out of nothing. Then the fake news, used the fake test, all the fake cases and the manipulated death certificates that they were reporting to build a never ending stream of fear across the country.

Remember these hospitals got paid over $30,000 for any death reported as resulting from COVID. If you came in because of a motorcycle accident and you took a test and you said you had COVID and you died, well you died of COVID, not the motorcycle accident.

The man that came in and died of a heart attack and he tested positive for COVID? Well he also died of COVID. They all "died of COVID" and they got paid for each case.

Why do you think there's asymptomatic symptoms? Because the test isn't picking up COVID, it is picking up the common cold. This is why you don't have any symptoms, because it's picking up nothing.

There is no "asymptomatic!" It was made up to scare you, just like putting a mask on - It was created to scare you. Just like six feet apart - it was created to scare you. The lockdowns were created to scare you. All of this is not based on science, I would like to see the science for each and every single one of these "precautions" in peer reviewed journals - only you won't find them anywhere.

If they cannot produce any of this, it's all meaningless.

Same thing with the PCR test. Why do you think they used a test that they knew could pick up ANY virus if magnified enough? There were scientists out there saying "let me take some water and let me use this PCR test. Oh look it has COVID." "Let me take a fruit - Oh look it has COVID!" "Oh let me take a sample from a sheep. Oh look - it has COVID!" Everything has COVID!

This is how you know, this is all fake.

This entire shit show is finally waking up Americans. It is opening people's eyes to the evil that has commandeered our Government, Medical System, Media and Big Pharma. They are all complicit. CGI Joe Biden? He's not trying to protect Americans. He's actually hurting Americans. He's hurting. Every single person in this country. Fauci, is hurting, every single person in this country. Even the children.

But by now you can see where the Deep State, Globalist agenda is headed. Just listen out in Australia. The Victoria premier Daniel Andrews. Well he said the quiet part out loud. He said, "No, there's not going to be a vaccine passport, there's going to be a booster passport for each booster. So if you want your freedoms. Even if you got two jobs, and you don't have the next booster passport, you don't have your freedoms."

Justin Trudeau out in Canada? He said the same exact thing. He says the vaccine passports are all about rewarding certain freedoms to people who have done the right thing, and those who will still resist simply won't get to enjoy those same freedoms.

Remember, The government doesn't give you freedoms. The government doesn't say hey, if you do what we say, you can be free. No we were ALL born with freedom. It can't be taken away, it cannot be given a man or a woman who wants to be free. You just be free, you do not comply,

@Kanika put it wonderfully on telegram:

"It's not difficult to extrapolate how tyrannical governments will eventually tie these freedom passes to digital identifications representing carbon footprint scores, social media scores, and other technocratic pipe dreams. This is the greatest human rights fight of our lives, and it's against a power hungry tyrannical global establishment. Do you really think they're gonna stop at the vaccine? I mean, everyone thought oh if I just get the vaccine I get two Jabs. I'm gonna be able to do whatever I want. Now they're talking about boosters."

This was never about health, safety or the betterment of society. It has always been about control, elimination of freedoms, division and fear.

How much longer are YOU going to let it continue?

Source Credit: The X22 Report


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