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Fauci admits being offered “resources and money” by Mark Zuckerberg

Fauci’s research has been continuously linked to the Chinese Communist Party and that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder funnelled money to long-term Fauci colleague Dr Ralph Baric. After The National Pulse started reporting this matter, the Facebook-funded “fact-checker” began to censor The National Pulse’s content on social media.

On the “Sway” podcast, Fauci revealed the reason behind his e-mails with Mark Zuckerberg. Host Kara Swisher notes to Fauci,

“…thousands of your emails dating from January to June of 2020 have recently been released by BuzzFeed and the Washington Post that’s giving your critics, particularly on the right, more material to work with. Your redacting of Mark Zuckerberg have added fuel to the fire. Representatives Jim Jordan and James Comer and Senator Marsha Blackburn have alleged that you worked with Facebook to censor speech.”

When interrogated further, Fauci laughed and asserted, “No, no, the reason I’m laughing, Kara, because every single one of those emails can be explained in a way that is perfectly normal, perfectly innocent, and completely above board.”

But what did Fauci mean by using the phrase, “above board”? While commenting upon the release of information pertaining to the left-wing financing of the 2020 Presidential elections. Fauci explained the e-mails being redacted as,

“…I don’t know who redacted that. When people ask for my emails, I don’t look through my emails and say, “OK, I’ll give you this one and redact this.” It’s completely out of my control. So you want to know what the email was really about? Hey, big scoop. Here we go. Mark said, hey, is there anything that we can do to help out to get the messages out, the right public health messages? I have a very important medium here in Facebook. Can I help? And as a matter of fact, if you guys don’t have enough resources and money to do some of the things you want, just let us know.”

There’s a lot more to read and know about those e-mails.



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