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Fear Propaganda Posters Threatens School-Going Children To #GetVax

While the schools are forcing kids to wear masks on the school premises, parents are pushing back on school authorities for pressurizing their children. Parents have been expressing their concern over how their children refused to go to school because of the teachers’ strictness on compliance with the mandate.

The bullying doesn’t stop here.

The State of Nevada is witnessing a rise in spreading propaganda throughout the state. The government has issued some posters which we fear will spread false alarm among school-going children.

Radical Governor Steve Sisolak sent a series of posters to Nevada that would fit in with the scene of Soviet Russia. Administrators have been asked to hang these posters up for K-12 students.

The six posters convey fear through six different perspectives and end with #GetVax:

1.What if a vaccinated school could secure ______? 2. What if we end up having to sit at home another year? 3. What if we go back to all virtual school? 4. What if we always have to wear a mask? 5. What if they close schools again? 6. It’s not too late. Until it is.

With these posters, the school authorities will be raising a false alarm even for students who are at zero risks. They will be forced into thinking that if they don’t get the vaccine, the school will shut down and they will again have to shift back to virtual schools.

After spending so much time at home, the worst fear that has hit the kids is that they’ll be locked behind their computer screens and they won’t be able to see their friends. Parents realized their children’s behaviour patterns and pleaded for the government to re-open schools for in-person learning. But, it wasn’t long until the threat of a new Covid variant started hovering over the public whilst forcing the closure of schools and resurgence of restrictive policies.

“These policies are un-American and detrimental. They are kids for goodness sake. Social interaction with their peers is just as important to their development as education.”

The Gateway Pundit reports that “Despite supposedly being there to be a mentor, these teachers act as if they are unaware of the damage isolation causes for young students, but something tells me they know exactly what they’re doing and that they enjoy it.”

Furthermore, the Clark County School District is so keen to press hard on the agenda that they immediately posted a digital copy before even receiving the hard copies.

And this is how the government is putting your taxes to work for you by tormenting and pointing the blame at the children of tender ages.



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