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🎥 Finale of Trump Rally Includes "Q" Songs "I Am Q" & “WWG1WGA’ in Background - PROOF 🔥

September 5, 2022

Scranton, PA, 9/3/22. As Trump reaches the last ~7 minutes of his speech, discussing the Country being at the ‘Precipice’, the sound system suddenly plays thunder (“the storm”) sounds and a ‘Q’ song titled WWG1WGA (Where We Go One We Go All) by an Anon named Richard Feelgood. Even more striking is the fact (Credit to Praying Medic on Telegram) that the Thunder effects played during the speech are from another song by the same Artist. It’s title? “I Am Q.” Links to the music proofs are below.

You simply can’t make this up.

“Nothing is random. Everything has meaning” -Q

Credits: Richard Feelgood - “I Am Q” - Richard Feelgood - “WWG1WGA” -

Praying Medic - great catch on the thunder connection:

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