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🎥 Finance Industry Insider Exposes Big Pharma Psyop to Keep the Public Sick [VIDEO]

December 15, 2022

Former BlackRock manager Edward Dowd joined The Alex Jones Show to lay out the path to defeat Big Pharma and their phony COVID narrative.

Dowd explained that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R-Fla.) calls for a grand jury investigation into COVID-19 vaccine-related wrongdoing is the ideal model to defeat Big Pharma and the COVID scam.

“The narrative is collapsing. Governor DeSantis has got the state’s Attorney General looking into this. And that’s how we defeated Big Tobacco with their lies,” Dowd told Alex Jones on Wednesday.

“There were a lot of individual suits and cases, they all got dismissed because they couldn’t prove a causation of smoking and death. But what the state’s AGs did is once they got on board, they started to get discovery.”

“And I think what we need is discovery. We need to shine light on what’s been going on. And I’d like to see other states join Governor DeSantis to probe what’s going on at Pfizer,” Dowd added.



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