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GA Dominion Voting System Manager Gabe Sterling Negotiated a $144,000 Salary Increase For Himself

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s Dominion Voting System Implementation Manager, appeared on several liberal news channels this past year following Georgia’s controversial presidential election.

Sterling was the state’s “Voting System Implementation Manager.”

Georgia officials negotiated a $107 million deal with Dominion earlier in the year for their voting machines.

Democrat operatives removed media and GOP observers from the counting room in Atlanta, Georgia on election night and then proceeded to count thousands of unsecured ballots late in the night on election day including stacks of ballots that were counted two or three times by multiple operatives.

Gabriel Sterling defended this practice on national TV.

Many interested patriots were wondering where this loudmouth leftist came from?

Apparently, Gabriel Sterling negotiated a $200,000 per year contract for himself last year.

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