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Flashback: 🎥 Videos Prove Biden's 'Inauguration' Was Staged

Originally Posted March 9, 2021

Updated: May 10, 2022

You're Watching A Movie - The Inauguration Was Recorded in Advance.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, see for yourself....

If you missed this video on YouTube, you aren't alone. It lasted a whole 21 hours before they removed it. Fortunately, some Patriots caught in on a screen recording first.

In Case You Missed it:

As Biden "takes the oath of office" two things clearly happen, indicating this was recorded using multiple takes. We aren't sure, but one could insinuate that is indicative of the act... er, speaker flubbing his lines.

1) Both of his granddaughters seem to disappear entirely.

2) Nancy Pelosi seemingly appears out of nowhere.

The "Debunkers" Will Say: NOOO! It's Just An Illusion Because of the Camera Angle

Sorry - WRONG: If you watch closely, yes, there are multiple camera angles used that show Biden with his hand raised and taking the oath. But, no matter which camera view is used, none would eliminate both of Biden's granddaughters would be missing at the same time - they're flanking him on each side. No angle would cause the "illusion" of BOTH disappearing. It's possible, one could be obscured by the angle, but that would only make the other granddaughter more visible.

The granddaughter in WHITE is clearly standing directly behind Jill Biden. Yet when they change camera views, not only does she disappear, but is "replaced" with a MAN in a charcoal suit standing directly behind Jill.

Also, Nancy Pelosi seems to magically appear out of nowhere. If the was there the whole time, she only becomes visible because that camera "shot" no longer has the Biden grandchildren behind he and Jill.

So, What Does This Show Us?

Like any movie, there are often errors in "Continuity" when multiple "takes" are used and spliced together to create one scene. (Continuity is "the principle of making sure that all details in a film or TV show are consistent from shot to shot and from scene to scene" )

Joe Biden's inauguration was not live, as we have been told. It was recorded in advance. This is the first ever pre-recorded inauguration in US History....Why?

Biden was "sworn in" 14 minutes before the 12pm time dictated by the Constitution. Anyone dismissing this as a small detail, simply does not understand the precision with which this event is operated. ALWAYS.

The "smoking gun" - It was completely overcast in DC during this time on January 20, 2021. Google images will show you otherwise, but if you dig and watch footage from the news outlets that had commentators in DC, you will clearly see it was gray and dark. Not the perfect sunny day you see in this video.

"BUT THE NEWS WOULD HAVE NOTICED!" NOPE - they wouldn't. Why? Because of the excuse that changed the world - COVID-19!! Go back and look at CNN., Fox, MSNBC, ABC footage from that day. The DC "masters" were so "concerned" by the deadly flu that they restricted media to the rooftops of select buildings thousands of yards across the street and to the side of the inauguration stage. Yes, really. That was one heck of a virus. The only "views" the media had was from the camera footage provided by.....the government cameras. The only "safe" videographers allowed on Capitol property that day.

Usually, where there's smoke......

There are MANY other very strange things that took place on January 20th, from Biden being forced to take a private plane to DC (as opposed to the protocol of the Military sending a secured plane), to the Biden's being "accidentally locked out" of the White House when they arrived "home." But those can be debated another day. Let's stick to the videotape and move on.....


🎥 The Laying of The Wreath at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Ceremony

Ask anyone with connections to the Military and they'll say the same thing: The men and women of the United States Armed Forces take tradition, ritual and honor codes VERY seriously. That notion is taken to another level by the US Army Sentinel Soldiers, who are solely responsible for guarding the Tomb, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter what. The "Tomb Guard" as he or she is known, WILL even shoot anyone who so much as attempts to disgrace the memorial in any way.

So it's curious that the Sentinel Soldiers would "change" this ceremony on "Inauguration' Day. There are certain sacred rituals that the Sentinel Soldiers would simply never allow to be altered - EVER. But, that wreath is sacred and ONLY the Sentinel Soldiers and their Commander in Chief are allowed to lay hands on it. But on this day, the Sentinel Soldiers do not let Biden touch the sacred wreath, as has been done by every other President before him:


Lastly, the footage of Biden's "Inauguration" shows the viewer a bright and sunny day. There's just one problem - it was completely OVERCAST all day in DC:

So ask yourself: If Joe Biden has been seated as the legal President of the United States, why is ANY of this happening? How many coincidences happen before they become mathematically impossible?

You are watching a movie 🍿

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Charlie Ward said that he saw the pre-recorded fake inauguration televised in Spain about 8 hours before it was supposed to happen.

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