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🎥 General Michael Flynn Shares Incredible Video – America Needs a Hero for More Than One Day

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

January 21, 2023

American hero General Michael Flynn released an emotional video today about American heroes.

General Flynn and President Trump were targeted by the corrupt Deep State and their lives were thrown upside down for standing up for America First.

General Flynn was the Deep State’s first target in the Trump Administration. He knew too much so they lied about him and took him down. They used inside swamp monsters who surrounded President Trump and pushed General Flynn out.

A short time later these same Deep State criminals who still walk free targeted General Flynn in the corrupt Russia collusion sham. Flynn did nothing wrong.

The whole time the corrupt actors in the Deep State targeted President Trump. When they couldn’t push him out with their corrupt sham they created unconstitutional impeachments based on more lies.

Ultimately the Deep State had to steal the 2020 Election to consummate their illegal and seditious coup.

Americans know the election was stolen and Biden and his gang are doing their best to destroy America.

This video shared by General Flynn and re-Truthed by President Trump says it all.

America needs heroes for more than one day.



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