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If The Constitution Was Enforced, Would We Have a Stolen Election, Border Crisis or Civil Unrest?

by Joe Hoft

The Gateway Pundit

Would the US have a border crisis or rioting in Democrat-run cities if the US Constitution – specifically Article 4 Section 4 – were enforced?

What if our Constitution was fully enforced. What if our politicians mandated that all our laws were enforced? What if those with the responsibility to enforce those laws did what they are mandated to do?

The Obama Administration began its war on America in every which way imaginable. The Obama regime created spending bills that only gave money to their cronies, created sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, created confusing laws that differ between the federal government and the state, and then created methods to steal every election from now through the end of time.

It’s pretty clear that the Obama Administration was out to harm America. This gang spied on the Trump Administration and attempted a coup knowing they would never be penalized due to the goons Obama put in the FBI and DOJ. This was a major step in Obama’s efforts to weaken the country.

Now the Obama gang, after stealing the 2020 election, is using Joe Biden for cover to continue its

assault on the US and the US Constitution. The Obama team instituted open borders with the nonsensical argument that anyone should be allowed to enter this country. Countries like Hong Kong only let individuals through their doors if they have money or a job. Not so with the Obama plan. Anyone can come in, whether a terrorist or a gang banger. The borders are open.

The same goes for Black Lives Matter. Under Obama, this group grew and destroyed and killed, but there were no penalties. This continued as well under President Trump in Democrat-led cities like Portland, where these BLM goons with Antifa goons destroyed billions in property with no penalties. Cities were burned to the ground, but the perpetrators would be released from custody within hours. More death and damages, no problem.


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