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If This is War, "Why Not Just Take Over The Media To Tell American's The Truth"?

May 10, 2022

Following the premiere of Dinesh D'Souzas earth-shattering "2000 Mules" Documentary, many viewers who have been on the fence are now convinced. Many Trump voters, already convinced, became more angry. Others, expressed frustration and even depression over the lack of justice.

In a follow-up post after the premiere, I presented my theory (since all but confirmed by other sources) that the documentary was actually Military Intelligence work masked as a Documentary. The post highlights evidence that suggests that 2000 Mules is the "setup" for a much larger revelation of truth to the American public.

I'm far from alone in this theory. A large percentage of Americans, particularly those in the Truth community have openly touted the Devolution theory, whereby the Military is truly in control of the country and Donald Trump remains the legal President. More on that can be found in our Devolution Series Pages.

In discussing the indisputable evidence presented in 2000 Mules, a number of followers all posed the same question:

If the Military monitored the election in real time and "has it all" and if that's what Trump used to suspend the Constitution under his war powers, then why not take over the media and force them to show the public? It's within any President's war powers and has been done before?

Here is my unedited answer, taken directly from Telegram (so excuse grammar and typos):

Well, there are a number of reasons. The public has lost all trust in the media. But if you look closely, you can see that the white hats have taken over the media. Either through seizure or simply by leveraging the crimes they committed to compel them to obey. Just watch Newsmax and Fox from 7pm-11pm, for example. They’re basically using the same coordinated script every night. The same as OANN or Real Americas Voice and that was definitely not the case a few months ago.

But they’re not going to let CNN and MSNBC tell the truth. They want people to see the absurdity and lies on their own. They don’t want to cloud the crimes the media has committed by having them do a 180 and tell the truth. It’s working. That’s why CNN’s ratings went down 90%. Outlets like them and MSNBC were told to continue lying. Sounds insane i know. But how else would you explain a CEO allowing a public company to keep openly lying when it’s dropped your ratings (and revenue) by 90%?

Look at Disney. Do you believe they have a $200 million dollar PR firm that’s telling them to triple down on gender ideology when it’s cost them $58 billion in stock value in the last month? No, Disney committed crimes in trafficking and election fraud and EO 13848 and 13818 allows the government to seize all their assets. They’ve done that and they’re using each in a different way to setup a white hat narrative while making them pay by exposure.

But as far as exposing the whole truth, it has to be done en masse. Hence the EBS/EAS. Unfortunately you have a third of the country that stopped watching the news because it’s so polarized. Then you have a third that is scattered across millions of websites and podcasts.

When they pull the plug and announce the truth, they have to get to everyone at once or there will be civil unrest. Take a look at what happened when the SCOTUS leak happened with the Roe v Wade decision. We have a public that is so confused and brainwashed that they honestly believe they've had their rights taken away. They don't even understand that the 10th Amendment always has and always will give that power to the States. So what happened? The narrative immediately became that the justices had "gone rogue", that the court was "compromised", that they were working "against" Americans. Protests immediately began. To date, we still have mobs at the HOMES of the justices. Could you imagine ANYTHING being done by the media that would "undo" the brainwashing they have unleashed on the public with regards to the election? This is not something that can be done using traditional media, even if they were "forced" to do so.

The Military, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), it really is the only viable way. The last thing they want to do is introduce MORE chances for conflict and debate and the media route most certainly leaves that door open. If the 2020 Election is to be corrected, the evidence must be presented to everyone, everywhere, in one, shocking, but necessary event.

-Make TRUTH Free Again


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