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So, ‘2000 Mules’ Proves Election Fraud. Now What?

May 8, 2022

Despite the concerted mainstream and social media blackout, Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘2000 Miles’ has shattered the narrative that Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election.

Since it premiered in theaters on Monday, you’d be hard-pressed to find an honest person (even the most staunch Trump-hater) to say that the evidence presented is not clear, compelling and indisputable. There have even been leaks out of DC indicating “genuine fear” permeating from major Democrat lobbyists and think tanks.

But where does this really leave us? What does it all mean?

After last nights official Virtual Screening of 2000 Mules, I have noticed that many people across social media have similar comments and concerns :

“But the left isn’t going to watch it?”

“Why isn’t it free if they want to prove that Trump won? That’s stupid”

“It’s too late, no one is going to do anything”

“Nothing is happening. No one is coming to help”

I beg to differ. For over a year, I have maintained my educated belief that the United States has been under a state of Military Control since January of 2020.

It’s under this guise that I suggest brooks rewatch the documentary. Look at the sheer amount of data they processed. Look at the amount of video footage they had. Think about trillions of phone pings. Millions of minutes of videos. Think about how EVERYONE has been roadblocked, sued, even arrested for trying to get less far less incriminating evidence than the States actual Dropbox VIDEO footage.

Now think about what the “Mules” producers DIDNT answer. How did they get ANY State provided camera footage? They said through FOIA.


Many of these states and counties brazenly deleted the actual election VOTING data. Arizona’s Senate had to go to court just to get public vote records for their audit.

These states even ignored COURT orders to turn over machines and other records.

We should believe a Conservative’s FOIA request for CAMERA footage wouldn’t be dragged out until they forced it into court, this taking years? And that the States wouldn’t delete everything in the meantime?

No way.

That camera footage came from Space Force. I’d bet my life they had those and every other camera in the country monitored and backed up. Along with all the servers, networks, machines, Wi-Fi networks. Everything in every state related to the election.

How did Dinesh and crew identify the ballot pickup locations?

Sure, you can use patterns of the Mules travels to find the theoretical location, but eventually you have to prove who’s actually there. You have to show they were distributing ballots and money to the mules and that they took dark money or have some connection to the bad guys.

That’s a VERY tangled web of shell companies and money laundering that a few journalists could not possibly untangle, even in 15 months. That requires government level intelligence and records access to trace money. They didn’t get away with election tampering for decades obvious. Again, this screams Space Force Intelligence.

Trillions of cell phone pings used?

Yes. It’s true you can buy geolocation data right now online. But again, to obtain, organize, filter and analyze that amount of data, identify the patterns and overlay the locations and time stamps with 4 million minutes of video footage? That’s an absolutely MASSIVE undertaking. Dinesh named a “couple of people” that screened all the video? 4.3 million minutes? That’s over 71,000 hours!

Yea right.

Again. Screams Space Force and military intelligence.

Dinesh D’Souza is a brilliant filmmaker and a Patriot. True the Vote has been instrumental in even getting election fraud to the national discussion. Everyone involved in this projects are all heroes. I don’t debate that.

But in my opinion, the research and data in 2000 Mules is the work of Space Force and Military Intelligence. It‘s the result of the same “sting” operation that I wrote about shortly after the election. Trump knew This was coming and he was prepared. Through Space Force, they watched the election in real-time and they “caught them all”. This is part of a much large plan to restore the republic.

The way “Mules” is presented right now is for optics. I view it as the warmup for the final event. A highly visible “public nail in the coffin” at the exact time when everyone in America will be as open to it as they ever have been because of the insanity that’s taken place with the fake administration.

The white hats just lit the fuse.

We know Space Force was created for CYBER Space and we know they have the technical capabilities I’ve described herein and much, much more.

We know they watched the entire election in real time (if you don’t, research it - Trump even told us).

We know Trump used this information as the proof needed to Devolve the government and suspend the constitution under the guise of a domestic insurrection. Again, read the series on Devolution and Continuity of Government, if this sounds insane to you.

Add all of this up and I believe we have just watched a very small example of how quickly and easily the military will be able to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the election was rigged. It simply a matter of showing the people.

Now, just imagine the Emergency Alert (Broadcast) System on every TV, computer and Smart device with hours and hours of “Mules” type of evidence being shown, from EVERY state. Include the same geo-tracking, video, voting data from the machines, proof of hacking, tampering, proof of fake ballots via security watermarks. Proof from the printing companies, Mailing records. Phone recordings, emails, texts, affidavits, VIDEO CONFESSIONS….everything. If the country was presented with days worth of indisputable evidence, 2000 Mules on steroids, Is there really any doubt that 95% of the Country would understand it? No. No doubt whatsoever.

“The Military IS the only way.”

I believe that as Americans, we’re already sitting in the theater. We have just watched the last “preview” before the featured show begins. And I think it begins soon.

I absolutely believe “Q” when it says “they have it ALL”.

And I’m confident that soon, they will show it ALL to EVERYONE in America.

Game over. The Republic will be restored.

God Wins. 🇺🇸

-Make TRUTH Free Again


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