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EVERYTHING is a PSYOP Right Now. That’s 5th Generation Warfare

July 26, 2022

Today we are going to discuss the irony of one of the enemy’s favorite buzzwords, “PSYOP”.

Leftists, shills, blowhard black-pilled conservatives; all of them mindlessly sling this word around and attach it to any obscure information they don’t like or can’t comprehend. It’s become a commonly regurgitated talking point to dismiss any and all damning information against the DNC Globalists. Particularly applied to anything remotely related to Q.

What’s ironic, is the fact that all the Anons are literally claiming Q is a PSYOP. Via definition. The Left have just applied a negative connotation that implies all psyops are “disinformation”. Which is simply untrue.

“PSYOP” It’s short for Psychological Operation. Normally and regularly carried out by Military. The US MIL have specific Special Forces PSYOP units that fall under SOCOM. This is not a conspiracy theory, Militaries do this,

“Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

The definition, is EXACTLY what Q and Anons are claiming. That the US MIL are conveying information to influence the population via emotions and objective reasoning. Q IS A PSYOP. That doesn’t mean it’s not true. The Left incorrectly use this word as an insult, when in reality it’s exactly what we are claiming.

The sheep have just been led to believe that “PSYOP” automatically means the content of any such operation are strictly disinformation. Okay then, let’s entertain that reality. That the Q PSYOP is malevolent disinformation and the Dems are completely innocent. But one thing the Left, the sheep, and the shills, never address… if Q is a PSYOP, WHO is conducting the operations? WHO is spreading all the alleged disinformation?

They never get this far in their reasoning because if they actually thought about it, no scenario makes any sense.

Let’s say it is the US MIL, but all of the Q drops are disinformation like the Left claims. All of it was a lie to manipulate Trump’s base. Okay then, if that’s the case, why are the US MIL conducting psychological operations and spreading disinformation against the DNC? Wouldn’t the politicians have some concerns that the US MIL are spreading this alleged disinformation about them?

Wouldn’t that be treasonous of the US MIL for helping Trump’s campaign? What would be the reason for the US MIL to spread this “disinformation” about the DNC, Media, Globalists, Pedophiles, etc.?

If it is the US MIL, why aren’t the Dems taking action about the disinformation being spread against their alleged Commander in Chief? Logically, it doesn’t make any sense. If the DNC ACTUALLY thought the US MIL were responsible for their boogeyman “Qanon”, they would be behaving much differently. And in a way, this scenario would still prove Q is “real” if the US MIL are conducting a psychological disinformation campaign against the DNC Globalists.

Another popular claim from the Left is that Q is “Russian Disinformation”. Okay, so they think the Russian MIL are behind it? What would the Russians gain from igniting Trump’s base and spreading disinformation about the DNC and Globalists?

In this scenario, the Left are assuming the Russians are evil, and their disinformation campaign is to destroy “democracy”. If this is the case, how do the Russians benefit from pacifying the Trump base with the Q drops? If Russia wants to take over America, wouldn’t they want mass chaos and violence?

How does Russia benefit from any of this? And if it is Russia, WHY do they feel the need to be so combative against specifically the DNC, and not against Trump? What caused the Russians to be so anti-liberal and anti-globalist?

The same could be said for China, or any other adversary. If they are really our adversary, how would they benefit from pacifying the US population? And what do they have against the DNC? And is their hatred justified? Why do they love Trump? What do they have to gain from taking down the DNC, but propping up Trump? Wouldn’t they want to take down both parties?

The left can’t answer any of these questions. They just like the part where PSYOP means “disinformation” in their brains, so they can continue to justify ignoring that their reality has completely fallen apart.

The shills claim that Trump is part of the Deep State, lulling us all into complacency so the Deep State can take over the world! So in this scenario, the Deep State are real, and are conducting a massive psychological operation to push disinformation, about themselves, and ignite Trump’s base, make them more motivated, all to trick them into not fighting back against the Deep State, by exposing the Deep State, and support Trump, who is actually Deep State too.

This narrative is completely illogical and rather comical 😂

Why the hell would the Deep State go through all the trouble to wake up an already complacent and completely brainwashed populace? The Deep State had world domination in the bag until Trump showed up and unseated Hilary. This would also prove Q is “real” if the Deep State are real and conducting psychological operations to trick the Trump base.

Okay, if it’s not a government or military entity, who else could it be? Is it just some random 4chan troll? If so, how did a 4chan troll manage to be “the most dangerous threat to democracy”? The Dems claim Qanon is a far-right extremism and is responsible for Jan 6th and an insurrection against the government.

Treason, sedition, insurrection, terrorism. So the FBI can find Facebook moms who complain about school curriculum on message boards, but random dude in his mom’s basement is committing terrorism and insurrection for 5 years now, and is the gravest threat to our society, and we can’t find him? LMAOOOOO!

So the next time someone claims anything is a “PSYOP”, kindly ask them WHO they believe is conducting the PSYOP. Apply the Socratic Method and soon, they will understand they don’t really have ANY idea what they are talking about. They just heard someone call Q a PSYOP, thought it sounded cool, and regurgitate it every chance they get.

Which is hilariously ironic, because Q actually is a PSYOP, directly according to the definition. Its the US MIL guiding us to open source information. But the sheep don’t know that. That would require them to think.

The Left used the same method with the word “conspiracy”. The word has been warped to mean “kooky and debunked theory”. When in reality is means “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.”

So when a leftist says the Deep State is a “conspiracy”. They are ironically correct, because yes, the Deep State are a secret group doing unlawful and harmful things. But the Left have applied this negative connotation and false definition of the word, so the lefties aren’t even using the word properly.

In conclusion, yes, Q is a PSYOP. That’s exactly what Anons have been claiming the entire time. The leftists and shills who use this word, simply don’t know what the hell PSYOP means and have been programmed to associate it with “disinformation”. Question their logic just a little bit, and their argument folds immediately.

So this is a challenge to the MSM, the DNC, normies, sheep, naysayers, shills, the neck beard virgin incels at Media Matters, ADL, and WaPo who stalk me, ANYBODY…

If Q is a PSYOP, who’s conducting the operation?

I invite ANYONE to prove me wrong.



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