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Understand Why It Had to Be This Way

June 28, 2022

For those that don’t understand why it had to be this way, think about the optics in 2017 juxtaposed to 2022.

I think many of you forgot what it was like in 2017. Trying to wake up normies was a tough business. My friends and family looked at me like I was an eight-headed monster when I told them that a global Deep State entity infiltrated the US government to include the White House, nearly all of Congress, the highest echelons of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI, State Dept, the mainstream media, big tech, social media, Hollywood, academia, pharmaceuticals, health care, etc.

In 2022, the normies are MUCH more willing to accept this reality, simply because they’ve seen it proven to them.

-Mueller exonerated Trump, Russian collusion was a hoax, then Durham showed there was a calculated effort between elements within the DNC, FBI, CIA, DOJ, DNI, State Dept, British MI6, and the Obama White House, to frame and spy on Trump. The overall faith in Executive institutions has dropped off dramatically.

-The MSM have blatantly proven their corruption and weaponization, simply because they just can’t stop lying. Polls show that dramatically less people believe the media now than they ever have.

- Mueller, C19, Vaccines, Ukraine, etc., all the narratives ended up being complete fabrications. CNN and MSNBC’s ratings have fallen off of a cliff, and the Deep State has significantly less control over the minds of the People.

-Big Tech and Social Media have shown their corruption via algorithmic manipulation to brainwash the public and deter people from consuming any wrongthink content. Not to mention the mass censorship, attack on free speech, weaponization of content moderation to attack political opponents, election interference by censoring stories like the Hunter Biden laptop and US Biolabs in Ukraine, etc. Elon’s Twitter saga brought this reality to the forefront for normies. Huge realization for centrists.

-Hollywood and mainstream television have taken massive hits to their viewership. Less and less people are watching. Their propaganda and liberal bias has become more and more obvious, and easier recognized by unsuspecting normies. Not to mention all the wild and evil shit like Harvey Weinstein and culture of sexual exploitation, the literal Hollywood sex cult NXIVM convicted of child and human trafficking, Epstein Island and widespread pedophilia.

-Academia is under heavy fire for teaching liberal propaganda and critical race theory. Brainwashing our children to hate white culture, normalize LGBTQ+, demonize normality, and push the liberal agenda. It’s the number one voting issue for conservative parents in America. This issue single handedly won Youngkin the VA Governor race.

-Pharmaceuticals and Health Care, well that one’s not too difficult to forget.

  • They created and unleashed C19, destroyed the economy and fired 50+ million Americans overnight, lied about how deadly it was to justify mail-in voting so they could steal an election, then coerced/brainwashed hundreds of millions of people to get an experimental injection that was neither safe nor effective, covered up viable treatments for C19, ignored the scientific reality of natural immunity, censored scientists who stepped out of line, and tried to cover up all the data proving the vaccines were harmful and ineffective. Before 2022, telling someone healthcare and pharmaceutical were compromised, you were immediately shunned.

  • Now, that the jabs clearly don’t work and people are having harmful/fatal reactions, everyone has quietly backtracked and a significant amount of people are hesitant to trust pharmaceutical and health care after the C19 scam. Those who were demonized for rejecting the vaccines, were correct in their hesitancy. This is a significant pill for many to swallow because it’s terrifying to accept that institutions we have trusted with our lives, ended up being corrupt and evil.

Now that the normies have been directly exposed to all this and had it repeatedly spoon fed to them in various ways, over and over and over; can you see, from a public acceptance standpoint, how much easier it would be to prosecute the Deep State players now, as opposed to 2017?

The people are much more willing to believe that people they have been conditioned to trust, could end up being bad.

So in the near future, when we have to introduce uncomfortable realities like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, Bill Gates and more, using US funds to facilitate a biological weapons network in Ukraine, to commit global bio-genocide… the public are more willing to believe it, because they have a well established precedent of the Deep State players exhibiting untrustworthy and nefarious behavior. In addition, this subsequently generates a well established precedent that Trump was right about EVERYTHING.

This operation isn’t just about rooting out evil, it’s about exposing the reality that this evil exists. This is about safeguarding the future and deterring future generations from letting this happen again. This is why we all must see the Deep State in its darkest form. The world must witness the true horror and blasphemy of this evil, so they are motivated to eradicate it, and stay motivated to prevent it from rising again.

Before you can kill a demon, you must be willing to say it’s name.


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