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🎥 Jim Breuer's New Comedy Special "Somebody Has to Say It" - Speaks TRUTH & Is Incredibly Funny

July 2, 2022

It's all in the title - "Somebody Had to Say It" - everything you and I have been thinking for the last two years. Comedian Jim Breuer's new full-length standup special dropped on Friday and it's a game-changer. Of course, it involves truth and critical thinking, so don't expect to find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Instead, Breuer self-produced it before a raucous hometown crowd at The Paramount on Long Island, NY.

Simply put,, it's an hour of classic, laugh out loud, no holds barred satirical comedy at its finest. Something that's nearly impossible to find in today's world of totalitarian censorship. It’s EVERYTHING that most of us have been thinking and waiting for someone else to say! Breuer hits back at COVID, the vaxx, the media, the government, the education system and the propaganda that controls it all. The special is amazingly funny, a cathartic break from the norm for truthers and a giant middle finger to cancel culture and the left. It’s comedy the way it’s supposed to be.

🎥 Here Are Two Samples - The Full-Length Special is Also Embedded Below or Can be Found on YouTube ( and Rumble ( )


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