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Joe Biden Makes 'Kids in Cages' Great Again

By Bonchie | Feb 03, 2021 12:30 PM ET

Yesterday, Redstate’s Nick Arama wrote onJoe Biden re-opening a facility to house the children of illegal immigrants and other unaccompanied minors that make it across the border. This was in stark contrast to previous pronouncements that he was going to shutter them and release everyone.

And while it may be a good thing that Biden isn’t going completely insane on immigration just yet (though he’s canceled the wall and other enforcement measures), the hypocrisy we are now seeing in response to this is just too much to ignore.

Remember when “kids in cages” was a rallying cry of the left and their mainstream media allies? Yeah, that’s quickly shifted to a much more realistic view of the world.

What a coincidence, right?

Note the wording of the news report. Perhaps Trump should have just called these facilities “overflow” when he was president. Would that have suddenly staved off the avalanche of accusatory coverage, some of which literally accused him of having children raped and killed? The press were all in on the “kids in cages” narrative prior, but now they are all good with the very same facilities coming back on line.

Now, pay attention to the wording of the Biden defender’s response to the news report, because it’s widespread throughout the comments and the liberal commentariat that are desperately trying to spin for Biden. Do you notice anything? I do. It’s the exact same reality based argument Trump officials and Trump supporters made during the previous four years. Indeed, you actually can’t let unaccompanied children just roam the streets. Yes, ICE attempts to find them sponsors, something that also happened under Trump. There aren’t actually “cages,” but temporary holding areas made up of fencing before they are transferred to dorms. And while none of those facts mattered under Trump, under Biden, the narrative has shifted on a dime.

Here’s the reality of the situation at the border. Joe Biden has encouraged more illegal immigration. That means more children will cross alone in an attempt to be placed with family members. It also means more children will cross with people who aren’t actually their parents. That means you need more detention facilities. To the extent that a child is ever removed from their parents, it’s because of a 9th Circuit decision that says the child must be moved out of the facility after a few weeks. Further, almost all children that are in these facilities long term are there because they were unaccompanied in the first place. Every single one of those details was as true under Trump as they are under Biden.

The sudden difference in response by Democrats and their media allies is purely partisan, and Republicans should stop playing the game the next time this thing shifts again.



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