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🎥 Judge-Ordered Fulton County, GA Election Recount Underway - Call for Volunteers

A recount is in the works in Georgia.

A week ago we reported that a judge ruled that the group “Voter GA” could inspect Fulton County Georgia ballots from the 2020 election:

The inspection is moving forward as Jovan Pulitzer is asking for volunteers for a recount in Fulton County Georgia.

According to Jovan, “Georgia is ready to go to scan the ballots.”

Pulitzer shares:

"Remember, this is history. This is history. You are about to see one of the pivotal events in history that will be talked about, literally, in text books and in history from here on out. It will definitely be talked about when it comes to elections in the future.”

Will Georgia be the first state in the Union where fraudulent results will be identified in a forensic audit? No doubt the largest bucket of garbage ballots were recorded to steal this ultra-red God-loving state.

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