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Lawsuit Filed Against Michigan After 25,000+ Suspected Dead Voters Found on Rolls

November 4, 2021

The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit against the Michigan secretary of state claiming over 20,000 dead registered voters are still on state voter rolls.

The suit filed Wednesday alleges “25,975 potentially deceased registrants,” Just the News reports.

The foundation says it has identified registered voters – listed as “active” and “inactive” – on the rolls who are confirmed to be dead by the Social Security Death Index.

There were 24,645 active registrants and 1,330 inactive registrants found on the voter rolls as of August 5 who are potentially deceased, and a total of 334 potentially dead registrants who were registered after their date of death.

The foundation also alleges that Michigan’s office of the secretary of state has violated state law and requests that the office investigate the potentially dead registrants and remove from the rolls the names of those who are confirmed deceased.

Additionally, the lawsuit argues the state should allow the inspection of records related to implementing programs to end the accuracy of the rolls, and creating and implementing a “reasonable and effective list maintenance program to cure the violations.”

SOURCE: Human Events


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