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Let's Be Honest, COVID Just Doesn't Add Up...

Does anyone remember President Trump saying that the many Draconian and arbitrary lockdown restrictions would end "as soon as the election was over?"

Well, he wasn't exactly wrong.

Why are Quarantine advocates like Biden, Cuomo, Lightfoot, Newsholme and Bloomberg suddenly embarking on a campaign to reopen “non-essential” businesses? What has suddenly changed? I thought we were dealing with "record COVID-19 case and death figures?

Why is Biden pointing to increased rapid testing as the reason that we can reopen safely? We’re long past the point where testing could effectively mitigate such a virus.

Why are they still advocating unconstitutional restrictions even as tens of millions have been successfully-vaccinated? (despite a roll out that can only be characterized as negligently slow at the state level)

Could it be officials realize that locking up Americans in their own homes, stripping them of their constitutional rights and lying to them about the meaning of “follow the science“ causes more harm than safety?

Could it be that people are questioning the sad excuses deployed by partisan government officials and the blatant lies promoted by Hollywood and the leftist media cartel?

Could it be that more and more Americans are viewing the moving goalposts and arbitrary “science” as a giant insult to basic human intelligence?

The answer is D) none of the above. Because that they’ve known all of this from the beginning...They just don’t care.

Transparency died in its sleep many years ago in this Country. Its younger sibling, civil discourse, was on life support long before Donald Trump came to Washington. The deep state and their Media Cartel have been capitalizing on lies for decades. This is just the latest incarnation of the old saying "Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste."

But rest assured my fellow Americans, officials are on top of it. After all, they got to the bottom of a pressing question - staying inside, in close contact with other humans, 24 hours a day, can spread the virus more than if we were allowed to go to bars and restaurants. The next thing they’re going to say is that quarantines cause financial hardship and impact mental health!....Brilliant!

All joking aside, are we really supposed to believe this now? Well, in case you haven't noticed, we have no choice. We must confirm or experience public shaming, online censorship, fines, seizure of assets and even incarceration. In the twisted world of the Democrats and the left wing media Cartel , The "new normal" Rewards those who destroy our cities in The name of social justice And punishes those who simply want to make a living.

Some simply choose to ignore the obvious. Many are too overwhelmed by uncertainty to even process more lies and misinformation. Others suffer from the cognitive dissonance caused by years of manipulation and gaslighting. All equally stuck in a perpetual state of frustrated confusion. Nome knowing where to begin searching for truth.

But now, it's safe? NOW? the Left is now calling for businesses to open?

Now..... after bankrupting one third of small businesses in America? After causing millions of Americans to lose everything they owned? After preaching about the merits of “science” while simultaneously ignoring it?

Remember, these are the same bars and restaurants responsible for a whopping 1.3% of all new positive COVID-19 cases in the Continental United States.

The same 1.3% reported by States like Texas(R) and Florida(R) that have been fully open for business and indoor dining since June.

So we are to believe that nine months into this “pandemic," elected leaders just now figured this out? Now, with more people than ever ignoring COVID restrictions?

Now? Not last Spring when people universally obeyed home quarantine orders?...Just now?

Now they decided that spreading COVID at home is the real issue?

But remember comrades, don’t question anything. Just follow orders. Question things and you will be censored, shamed and now, purged and erased.

Does any of this make sense to you? Have you even stopped to think about the ever-growing list of unanswered questions surrounding this magic virus?

We have multiple vaccines available and in the pipeline, but Biden is focused on testing? Does that sound right? Do doctors treat Cancer with Chemotherapy or CT Scans?

More tests will do absolutely nothing to stop the spread of this virus. More testing only leads to inflated case statistics, false positive diagnoses and ultimately causes more fear and panic. It overloads medical offices, hospitals and testing centers and prevents. It forces millions of Americans to forego critical health screenings for deadly ailments like Cancer and Heart Disease.

Remember these are the same "leaders" who told us to wear a mask in between bites of food. They never said anything about checking if the fork at the restaurant was handled properly or the dish was cleaned, but as long as you’re wearing that mask, you’re fine.

Translation: The deep state media cartel needs more optics to sustain the fear. Because fear leads to panic. Panic causes irrational thoughts. Irrational thought patterns prevent us from clearly processing and comprehending. Does anyone know why millions of grown Americans decided that toilet paper was Worth fighting over? Does anyone know why eating inside is deadly but building the same restaurant out on a sidewalk is safe? Has anyone stopped to realize that the statistics we see on TV simply don't translate into what we all see every day?

I lost 3 friends in the 9/11 attacks, when just under 3,000 people were tragically killed. But 20 years later, 400,000 Americans die, 50,000 in the closest States and I know of one distant relative who passed away? It doesn't add up.

If you’re starting to ask questions then you’re not alone. The China virus, much like the Russia investigation, the fake impeachment and the rigged election is not as it seems. Yes, there is a virus. No, it is not nearly as deadly as we have been led to believe. The media has pushed the narrative, the CDC has provided the data to support the propaganda.

Many who questioned the severity of the virus from the beginning continue to be dismissed as conspiracy theorists or quacks. After all, our leaders and mainstream media would never lie to us, right? We can just Google COVID and figure out the truth, right?


Just look at the messaging deployed by officials, media and even Hollywood. Within days last March the narrative was instantly synchronized among The Federal Government, local officials, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue.

How did the government or anyone for that matter, have time to launch fully-integrated advertising campaigns and coordinate the branding and messaging so seamlessly? All while keeping all hands on deck to fight the China virus and run the Country?

I don’t think so.

According to the CDC, the first US death from COVID-19 occurred on 2/5/20 when a California man was recorded as John Doe number one. For those of you playing along at home, take a look at the spread of the virus and timing between Mr. Doe’s passing in the explosion of cases 3000 miles away in New York and New Jersey. Take a look at the infection rates and patterns around our major large cities. Neither makes any sense.

In "Bedroom communities," where the majority of people commute to and from heavily-infected urban centers, the infection rates are often near zero. That shouldn't be possible with such a "highly transmissible, contagious" virus.

Brand new emergency field hospitals, converted convention centers and medical vessels sat unused while Democratic Governors spread fear about overrun emergency rooms and oxygen shortages.

Businesses outside of the major urban media markets often served thousands without so much as a sniffle or cough.

Airlines flew! Every 30 seconds another airliner takes flight with 150-500 people sitting in close proximity and breathing recycled air. Yet, we haven't heard about any "super-spreader" events?

It Just. Doesn't. Add. Up.

It doesn't pass the smell test.

It has too many unanswered questions.



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