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🎥 Max Q: Your Preparation For The Launch of a New Civilization

December 21, 2022

Today is 12/21 — “take it away” — and the winter solstice. It is the natural day for “dark to light”, and who knows what entertainment is lined up for us. For sure social media has been exposed this past week as a paid front for the corrupt part of the military and intelligence community, and the failure of the mass media to report this makes them complicit. The preconditions are ticked to take down the legacy media for their active collusion in treason, election fraud, murder, human trafficking, and crimes against humanity. The demise of the deception engine is a transformational moment in history, and I am pleased to live through it.

The “here” is pretty grim, and the promised “there” is quite delightful, yet there has to be a journey between them. We are sitting in a corroded civilisation that is about to experience a massive collapse, with us standing inside of it as it goes down. This is scary, but all efforts to keep us safe seem to have been made, and for every horror to be revealed there are even greater joys to come. It is highly credible that we are about to get effectively free (economic at point of use) energy, radically better communications, amazing advances in healing, massive environmental clean up, and extraordinary new on-world and off-world transport technology. Science fiction was all documentary about a parallel world of hidden society.

In today’s short video I reflect on “Max Q” — the moment of peak dynamic pressure that we must pass through as we launch this new civilisation. From static on the launchpad to floating in orbit, there has to be a moment when the structural frame of our civilisational craft is put under the greatest stress. That is what we face in 2023, and everything we have have done in the last five years is preparation for that moment of danger. The safety case for demolishing our banking, educational, government, media, medical etc systems, so that they can be replaced, requires enough of us to be strong enough and connected enough to hold our society together. That’s the job anons and patriots have to do, and it’s one that will do down in the history books.

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Thanks for that Martin, and especially your metaphorical reference to the aeronautical engineering term for peak dynamic pressure. One might consider that human civilization has experienced many encounters with "Max Q" throughout recorded history, which is the stuff of storied heroes in battles both physical and spiritual. And it seems an interesting and relevant concept to explore and perhaps apply to some of the contemporary issues with cultural and political significance in the public square.

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