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Media Bias: 📚 Author Highlights The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump

“Lies have always been a part of politics, but today defamation has replaced actual debate,” says conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter.

InThe 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and you!),” (Regnery), out now, Schlichter — a US Army colonel turned trial lawyer and TV commentator — mounts an enthusiastic defense of President Trump and his supporters.

“The liars want to build a false narrative that morally disenfranchises you,” Schlichter writes to Trump voters in his book. “They can defame us without our consent, but they can’t beat us unless we let them.”

Here are eight of the 21 “lies” Schlichter examines in his new book …

‘Trump Is Literally a Nazi’

The term “Nazi” no longer means a follower of the Third Reich who sent millions of Jews to their deaths; today, “it’s liberal shorthand for everything that stands between them and their hippie utopia,” Schlichter writes. “They want to call everything that they disagree with evil.”

Moreover, Trump is not a white supremacist, Schlichter argues. “Notice how the liars never specify Trump’s white supremacist actions,” Schlichter points out. “They pretend that they can read President Trump’s mind.”

Is there a single recorded incident of Trump using racial slurs? - Schlichter

What about when Trump said that neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville in 2017 were “very fine people?”

“Read the full statement … not just the cherry-picked outtakes,” Schlichter argues.

“Reading the exchange in full proves that Trump never said” what was misattributed to him.

“You have some very bad people in that group,” Trump said at an Aug. 15, 2017, press conference, referring to the hundreds of people who had gathered in Charlottesville to protest and counterprotest the proposed removal of a Confederate memorial. “But you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.

“And I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists,” he continued moments later — as part of the same answer to the same reporter’s question.

“Because they should be condemned totally.”

‘Trump Hates Women’

“Donald Trump’s record of sexism is non-existent,” Schlichter says. “He never denied women jobs or opportunities based on their dual XX chromosomes.”

His lack of chauvinistic conduct drove the left to cast Trump as a sexual predator, with the “Access Hollywood” tape — an old snippet of crude banter that emerged during the 2016 election campaign — as evidence.

But as Schlichter reminds us, the full conversation “is actually a bit self-deprecating,” as Trump tells the humiliating story of a woman who refused his advances.

The most infamous part of the tape, the “grab them by the p—y” crack, was widely misinterpreted, Schlichter insists. Far from an admission of sexual assault, the comment — an observation that for some women, “when you’re a star, they let you … do anything” if you’re sufficiently famous — revealed “the utterly transactional nature of [Trump’s] extracurricular relationships.”

“Trump, ironically, was sexist for treating men and women the same,” Schlichter argues.

His comment “called out the transactional nature of celebrity sexuality, and by doing so, demonstrated that both men and women play the same game for different prizes.”

“Both want something from the other, and sometimes they come to a deal.”

Enlarge ImageNot even special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators could ferret out any fiscal shenanigans to charge Trump with.AFP via Getty Images

‘Trump Is Totally Corrupt’

Not only has Trump given all of his presidential paychecks back to the federal Treasury, his businesses have taken a hard financial hit during his term in office.

In 2019, for example, the Washington Post reported that the Trump Organization’s top money-maker, Miami’s Doral Resort, lost $9.5 million in net operating income from 2015 through 2017.

“Being president has cost me a fortune — a tremendous fortune like you’ve never seen before,” he has moaned to the press.

But not even special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators could ferret out any fiscal shenanigans to charge Trump with. “Couldn’t these legendary corruption bloodhounds sniff out Trump’s secret wrongdoings?” Schlichter asks.

‘Trump Hates Immigrants’

Elites in both political parties cynically manipulated the immigration issue for decades, Schlichter says — while ordinary citizens bore the brunt of its effects.

“Illegal immigration comes at real costs to American lives, and before Trump, no one wanted to talk about them,” he points out. “Shouldn’t we be free to discuss that impact without being called racists?”

Trump’s immigrant-hater image grew from his 2015 escalator speech, when “he did point to some dangers illegal immigrants pose. That was revolutionary,” Schlichter writes.

But Trump supporters see the issue of illegal immigration as a matter of law and order, “not of arbitrary contempt” for newcomers.

“Refusing to enforce the agreed-upon laws isn’t democratic,” Schlichter says, referring to how liberals view the issue. “It’s tyrannical!”

Enlarge ImageOne round of Trump’s sanctions against Russia directly targeted members of Putin’s inner circle, imposing an estimated $16 billion worth of losses on his favorite oligarchs in 2018.Getty Images

‘Trump Loves Dictators’

This is a slander born of fear, Schlichter says.

In his view, Trump deals with dictators like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and China’s Xi Jinping just as he handled competitors in the business world: “Sometimes he butters them up, sometimes he beats them down, but he plays for keeps, and he gets what he wants from them.

“But the liars pretend that being pleasant, even flattering these dictators, in order to secure a deal that would help the American people, exposes Donald Trump’s secret desire to be a dictator. Give me a break,” he writes. “The truth is, they’re terrified that Donald Trump’s success will expose their decades of failure.”

Meanwhile, calling Trump a willing stooge of Russia’s Vladimir Putin was “a golden shower of defamation,” Schlichter says. The sanctions Trump slapped on Russia’s economy and the attacks he’s ordered on Russian troops in Syria are “not the acts of a chum, amigo, or bro.”

One round of sanctions directly targeted members of Putin’s inner circle, imposing an estimated $16 billion worth of losses on his favorite oligarchs in 2018. The next year, Trump added sanctions aimed at halting the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline into Germany.

“If Trump is colluding with Vladimir Putin,” Schlichter concludes, “he’s the worst colluder in the history of collusion.”

‘Trump Hates the Free Press’

“Trump doesn’t want to destroy the press; he wants to reform it,” Schlichter argues.

“A free press is crucial to our democracy because people must be informed in order to rule themselves,” he writes. “The press’ job, at least on the news pages, is to provide the facts that allow the citizen to conduct analysis for him or herself.”

But America’s mainstream media has abandoned that role, Schlichter says.

“Newsrooms, packed with half-wit grads boasting degrees in Advanced Wokeness … did away with the idea of objectivity a long time ago,” he contends. “Being raw partisans is a lot more fun.

“If journalists want to be activists, they don’t deserve the special privileges we afford them,” he says — and Trump bad-mouths them accordingly.

“After all, by abandoning neutrality and embracing partisanship … the mainstream media has made itself worthless.”

‘Trump Obstructed Justice’

Enlarge ImageFar from an obstruction of justice, Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey (above) is allowed by the Constitution, Schlichter argues.

This belief is based on what Schlichter dubs the Trump Exception™ — “an unspoken rule that makes any exercise of the powers invested in the presidency by Trump a national scandal and a sign of an imminent fascist takeover.”

We now have proof of what the FBI’s top brass knew way back in 2016 — that the agency “bullsh*tted its way into spying on the Trump campaign,” as Schlichter puts it, via its Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

To cover up that abuse, insiders launched Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe, based on the nonsensical premise that Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey constituted obstruction of justice.

“Trump had the authority to fire Comey for whatever reason he wanted,” Schlichter recounts. “But thanks to the Trump Exception™, the president obstructed justice by doing exactly what the Constitution allows him to do.”


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