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Meet Jeff: The Truth Behind The Internet "Fact Checking" Overlords

Updated: Jan 24

January 6, 2022

by Texas Lindsay on SubStack

Meet Jeff.

For what it’s worth, Jeff looks like a nice guy. I’m even willing to bet that Jeff wakes up everyday and tries his best to do his job, despite his shortcomings and lack of credentials to do so.

You see, Jeff is a “Fact-Checker” for Politifact and gets paid to discredit Covid misinformation. So one might ask what are Jeff’s qualifications?

1) Is Jeff a Doctor? No. 2) Is Jeff a Scientist? No. 3) Does he have a PhD? No. 4) Does he have medical experience? No.

Jeff is, for all intents and purposes, a wordsmith. Alongside a profile picture (of him as a dog) is a list of his journalistic contributions and associations.

As I said before, Jeff is probably a nice guy, but Jeff is just one of many in an epidemic of ‘False Fact-Checking Prophets’ who are plaguing society right now. Each of whom are paid to discredit inconvenient truths and mislead the public. For instance, take a look this fact-check by Jeff as a recent example of his work. Jeff rated this tweet as “FALSE”:

So how did Jeff arrive at the “False” conclusion? Well, weirdly it’s unclear since the evidence he presented to supposedly support a “False” claim, directly contradicts his conclusion and actually verifies the original @hodgetwins tweet.

There’s also another recent fact-check that was also concluded as “False” by Jeff. This claim was regarding a social media post insinuating that clots/strokes in athletes was likely a side effect of the vaccines.

One of the athletes mentioned had a stroke due to a blood clot. So did Jeff find evidence proving it wasn’t caused by a C•19 vaccine? No. Doctors said they weren’t able to determine a cause. So how can the vaccine be ruled out? It can’t. Therefore Jeff lied by omission.

And another of the athletes aforementioned, doesn’t support his false label either—and further validates he should have labeled it as inconclusive/unknown since Jeff was unable to explicitly rule out if the blood clots in her lungs were caused by the C•19 shot or not.

If Jeff was a pathologist, vaccinologist, immunologist or treated any of the athletes, then we might view it as his medical opinion, but he’s not. Sadly, Jeff acts as a propagandist, discrediting inconvenient truths at the expense of misleading the public.

One might also ask: Are ‘False Fact-Checking Prophets’ just totally inept? Or are ‘False Fact-Checking Prophets’ relying on the ineptitude of the public?

Some could likely make a case for either, or both for that matter. Either way, as the world tries to find a new since of post-Covid normalcy again, I hope they also find the ability to think for themselves and not rely on paid pundits like Jeff, the “False Fact-Checking Prophet”.

We don’t need someone telling us what they want us to see or think, we need to take back our sovereignty as intelligent human beings, make time to read, think critically and assess what is real and what isn’t. And when we’re unable to decipher what to believe, find people with the experience and expertise that might help garner insight or go directly to the source yourself. Don’t google and click on the first Jeff that pops up, Jeff is far from an expert on anything but being a wordsmith.

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SOURCE: Texas Lindsay on SubStack

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