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🎥 🟨 Military Situation Global Roundtable: Derek Johnson, Lt Col Riccardo Bosi, Col Chuck Sellers

May 17, 2023

GET INFORMED! Take the time to listen to an incredibly informative discussion of the laws, orders and operations that prove we are living through a military-controlled Continuity of Government operation. If you’re still on the fence about the reality of the global military alliance, try listening to a group of high ranking military vets from three different countries.

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You will notice that I have been posting less to the website in recent weeks. That is by design. As more and more truth comes into the public consciousness, it's simply not possible for one person to keep a website updated in real time. Instead, I'm focused more on commentary and guidance through the thousands of pages of resources already on this platform and others like it. As events and disclosure will undoubtedly continue to evolve more rapidly, I encourage everyone to follow us on Telegram for the most up to date information and commentary every day:


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