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Musk's Move A Major Win in The Information War - Advantage: White Hats

April 26, 2022

From the moment Elon’s interest in Twitter went public, it was already over. This was heavily calculated and anyone who thinks this was a happy mistake, you’re kidding yourself. All of this struggle from the corrupt deep state entities controlling Twitter for nefarious mass psychological manipulation, added up to nothing in the end.

In fact, their struggle solidified their malpractice and conspiracy with a greater global network with intentions on controlling all information and therefore what is accepted as collective truth. Their struggle exposed them and allowed the public time to see that the Twitter board were not concerned with money, but rather control via politically charged censorship and propaganda.

Today is a massive cause for celebration! Known deep state entities are now no longer in control of the de facto public forum, which they use to manipulate normies to carry out their will. Whether that be manipulating who they vote for on Election Day, or coercing them to riot in the streets to push their political agenda, or distorting their concept of reality by amplifying disinformation and omitting truth. They just lost control of that and it will pay dividends in 2022 Midterms and all elections moving forward.

Elon has openly declared many times this move is to implement constitutionally recognized freedom of speech to the platform. Moving forward, when massive stories like the Hunter Biden Laptop and US Biolabs arise, Twitter will allow the information to flow freely, instead of labeling these inconvenient truths as “Russian disinformation” and censoring it from personal text messages.

And now normies on Twitter will no longer be sheltered from the truth by their globalist overlords.

Now, pay close attention to the way the left responds to this. Keep in mind the leftist sheep are only outraged when they are told to be outraged. Meaning all the pronoun-in-bio people screeching right now is because their globalists puppet masters told them to do so. The accusations that Elon is controlled by Putin have already begun. Libs on Twitter are melting down on massive scale 😂

Now, for those of you who cannot seem to grasp how Elon taking over Twitter is a good thing, because you saw a meme saying Elon was a satanist or he’s trying to implant a chip in your brain… all of you people need to stop. You all look stupid and need to stop following these insane accounts accusing everyone besides Trump of being deep state. It’s exhausting. We don’t come to conclusions based on hearsay and speculation, but rather ACTION.

Based on his actions and the resistance from the left-wing media complex, Elon has shown he threatens the deep state at almost the same level of Trump. When the MSM writes endless hit pieces and claims you are controlled by Putin, that confirms you are doing something right.

In conclusion:

-Elon had this battle won before it started.

-It’s far too calculated, controlled and effective to be an accident, reeks of white hat involvement.

-People who think Elon is a deep state Illuminati satanist lizard person, you’re an idiot.

The Patriots Are In Control - And I don't believe this will be the last move by from Mr. Musk.

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