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🎞 MUST WATCH: Scott McKay Discusses Media Truth, The Real President, Martial Law & The Election

Scott McKay, AKA online as The Patriot StreetFighter, sat down with American Media Periscope's John Michael Chambers for a 1-hour must-see interview.

If you are new to AMP or unfamiliar with Scott McKay, then some context is most certainly in order. Chambers and McKay combined host over 300,000 viewers on their daily video newscasts. By contrast, CNN's Wolf Blitzer draws an average of 945,000 viewers during his daily 7pm time slot - and that's with a presence on every US cable box and WITHOUT being censored by Google and YouTube, as has long been the case for Chambers and McKay.

In fact, prior to YouTube's "great purge" on October 17, 2020, McKay and Chambers total followers numbered into the millions - far more than CNN, MSNBC and even outpacing some Conservative stalwarts like Fox, OAN and NewsMax. Both men's bio's can be found at the bottom of the page.

Despite what the MSM tells you, these are not the numbers put up by simple "Conspiracy Theorists."

🎥 On The Endless Anomalies Surrounding the Biden "Presidency:"

🎥 On The Military Occupation of DC and The Deserted White House:

🎥 On "Q"- The Largest Military Intelligence Operation in History:

🎥 On The Inevitable Exposure of The 2020 Presidential Election Fraud:

📖 About Scott McKay

Scott McKay is a former competitive bodybuilder turned wellness industry entrepreneur whose life passions led him to the political arena. As a motivational/public speaker, he projected his energy toward his passion for political campaigns as a grunt worker, campaign manager, campaign consultant, and Los Angeles GOP Committee position before walking away from the world of politics disenchanted with the corruption of D.C. politics, thereby giving up his goal of public service.

After surviving and rehabbing himself back from a near-fatal, catastrophic, and paralyzing motorcycle crash in 2014 to complete mobility, he got back on the political firing lines with the entry of Donald Trump into the fight. Today he hosts a radio show he created on Revolution.Radio called “The Tipping Point” where he has been branded as the Patriot Street Fighter for the people. His maiden voyage LIVESTREAM Post-Election video rocketed to 345,000 in 13 days to entering him into YouTube Censoring Stardom.

📖 About John Michael Chambers

John Michael Chambers a registered Republican, presently residing in Tampa, Florida. John is an Author, Speaker, and National Media Commentator. He is also the Chairman of the Sarasota Patriots for Trump group. John was the Founder of the Save America Foundation, a 501(c)(4) not for profit. In Washington, D.C., Most recently, John is the founder of American Media Periscope, self-described as "America's Patriot Only Super Channel." AMP now broadcasts live every day.

John attended meetings held by members of Congress that were also attended by former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. He was awarded by the Presidential Business Advisory Council of Washington DC, 2004 & 2005, The Businessman of the Year Award for the state of Colorado. John is a patriot who loves his country and serves as but one voice for humanity. John organized group meetings, roundtables and large scale conventions across the country. Interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC and many on-line media platforms including talk radio throughout the country. John has dedicated much of his time and resources, often times at great sacrifice over the past two decades, sharing insightful and empowering information to help keep freedom alive. John Michael Chambers, a registered Republican is an avid supporter of President Trump.

John Michael Chambers is a prolific transformational author challenging even the most awakened reader. He has authored seven books to date. His latest book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America”, was Nominated for the 24th Annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards. John has also written nearly four-hundred articles to date that can be found on his website.


The Patriot StreetFighter, Scott McKay, joined John Michael Chambers on Conversations of Consequence to discuss the fake Biden Presidency, the 2020 Election and who is really in charge of the United States right now. Spoiler alert: it's not Biden OR Trump...

Visit American Media Periscope, broadcasting live daily - America's Patriot Only SuperChannel:

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