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🎥 Nationwide COVID Testing Chain Being Investigated For Fraud, CEO’s Husband Buys $3 Million Car

The entire propaganda machine surrounding COVID-19 that was constantly promoted and pushed by the Biden administration is crumbling. From mandates to forced jabs, every protocol that was in the public health and safety has come to do little at stopping the coronavirus. And come to find out, even the testing sites that were meant to detail the number of COVID-19 cases are not only facing scrutiny but apparently, they are currently being investigated by state and federal officials for giving “inaccurate and deceptive” test results.

According to Attorney General Bonta, the Center for COVID Control, which is partnered with Doctors Clinical Lab, reported negative test results that were fake. The Illinois-based company was started back in 2020 and has grown to service over 26 states with more than 300 testing sites. In COVID-19 test alone, the group performed around 80,000 tests a day.

In the video above, a woman, who was tested at one of the facilities, detailed how not only did the Center for COVID Control report fraudulent data, but the CEO’s husband went on a lavish shopping spree that included a $3 million car.

Attorney Bonta released a statement, saying, “Today’s letter to Center for Covid Control serves as a warning to all other COVID-19 testing sites operating in the state of California. If you are operating a testing site that is making false claims, failing to provide promised test results, or stealing people’s information, we will hold you accountable. My office is responsible for keeping individuals safe from false or misleading business practices, and we are committed to doing just that. I encourage anyone who believes they have been scammed by a COVID-19 testing site to report it to my office at”


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