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🟨 Natural Doubt: Are We Being Played?

March 6, 2023

Patriots and Frog Family,

A frog just asked me this: “Mar, are we being played? Is this all just a psyop-a military action designed to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and foreign governments? If not, why are things taking so long if this is supposed to already be done and it is just a movie to wake up the braindead?” Ooooo boy. That is something we need to decide for ourself. The best I can do is give you my personal opinion/beliefs.

So here goes: Are we being played??? …absolutely positively NO! We are being shown just how much we have become enslaved. Why did we join this mission? Initially it was to save the children…then we were after the truth so we dropped down many rabbit holes in search of truth. We learned that almost everything we were ever told…almost everything we were ever taught…was a lie…a way to manipulate us…to subjugate us…and now to eliminate 80-90% of us. The White Hats did rescue many, many children and recovered many bodies. We helped shine the light on all the atrocities and the satanic perversion. We have unveiled those involved in this Satanic cult. They accused us of being conspiracy theorists and in a cult when they are the ones in a very sadistic evil satanic cult. They sold their souls for fame and fortune. Although we set out initially to save the children, after going down many rabbit holes in search of the truth we learned their 2030 Plan. We could not allow it. We became impassioned to spread the truth to awaken others. We had to save mankind. We knew it was a difficult task but we set out to do it anyway. We awakened sooo many but many more are still asleep and contented to be slaves.

Why is it taking so long? This is a worldwide operation. Yes, the main characters were already arrested, went thru military tribunals and either gitmo’d or executed. There are so many still awaiting their military tribunals. EVERYTHING must be done legally. All precautions have been taken that there are no legal loopholes for the evildoers to slip through. Why were the arrests, trials and executions done under the cloak of darkness? Think strategically and logically on that question. This is a war…a showdown….that has been in the planning for decades. 900+ have had to go into witness protection for giving evidence or because they were targeted to be murdered. Many more have been murdered by the satanic slavers to keep the truth from coming out. If the White Hats just came out and told us beforehand, how many of us do you think would still be alive today??? I have said for years that this Plan is brilliantly flawless and flawlessly brilliant and many of you have disagreed with me on that. As I said I can only give my own beliefs and opinions. Why do I feel that? Simply because I have been down one too many rabbit holes..maybe because of how intense my red pilling sessions were. I’ll be honest…I had a very hard time initially accepting all that I was told and shown but the bottomline is I can’t un-know what I now know…I can’t unsee what I now have seen. Can you? Yes, its not easy to have to go thru all the personal traumas and horrors that we have all had to go thru to get to this point. We were told right from the beginning that we would be taken to the the brink of total destruction…because only then will mankind make the decision to change our ways…to seek to rectify all the wrongdoings. Guys and gals I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that precipice is still in front of us… it is coming on us very soon but once again we were told by Q that the ending isn’t for everyone. Think about that statement. It’s time to realize that this war we are in was never about a stolen election. This war is good vs evil. This war is to defeat evil so we can all ascend to a higher consciousness level…to obtain the life that God wants for us. We took up the challenge to do what was thought of as impossible and we are almost there but there are still “events” that must be played out to awaken so many more.

I know many are saying let’s be done with it but look at those in your immediate circle of family and friends that think you are nuts…do you really want to leave them behind??? Don’t you want them to be able to see the light too? I know personally as angry at my loved ones that I am, I don’t want them to be left behind in this old version of life so yes, it is worth the extra effort to try to shake them awake one last time. Look around you…it has been working!!! More and more are waking up. I know I am personally busier than ever listening to their questions. I also know that some much prefer to stay in their misery and as difficult as it is, I have to walk away and pray that they will eventually want to join us in the bright future that our strife and efforts are providing for our children, our grandchildren and future generations. God chose us for this mission. We are closing in on the finish line. This is no time to quit…to give up…to allow the enemy to plant seeds of doubt. We win because God is in control…because God empowered us to take this stand…because God embraced and encased us in His protection. But once again, i must remind you that you must decide what you believe…these are my very strong beliefs. Look deep inside of you and you will find the answers you seek. Why do I believe that? Because as my Ray convinced me when he said we are all Godsparks! God is in each and every one of us. I have absolutely no doubt about that and as such I feel that this mission will be completed in God’s time…when God knows we are ready to move to a higher a higher reality. Where we go one, we go all. We have united in such a way that was never accomplished before. That in itself shows us that we can do the impossible.

Love and light to all.

Mar ❤️❤️❤️ 3/2/23. (Date equals 5:5)



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