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NESARA: How Debt Forgiveness is Reality - 💊Red Pill Series

April 28, 2022

One of the most frequent questions about NESARA is about Debt Forgiveness. Which ones will be paid off? Why will they be paid off? How will they be paid off? The Debt Economy can be very complicated, and the process of who gets Debt Forgiveness is not fair. Who is paying for the payoff? What about the national debt? There are also different Types of Debt: business to business, business to personal, and we will go over all those types of debt and more in this week's video about Debt Economy, Debt Forgiveness, and we'll even talk about Fiat Money/Fiat Currency. 'Executive Order 13818

You can find the 6 part video series on NESARA and Revelations of the Red Pill and my other books on Amazon and the Dr. Scott Young bookstore.


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