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🎥 New Documentary Set To Expose The Ballot Traffickers Who Rigged The 2020 Election

February 2, 2022

Conservative podcaster, Dinesh D'Souza, released a trailer on Saturday for a film entitled “2,000 Mules” in which True The Vote’s 27 terabytes of geospatial data and 24 terabytes of ballot drop box surveillance videos will be turned into a highly-produced documentary by the experienced filmmaker. The trailer shows video surveillance of suspected ballot harvesters wearing gloves and disguises dropping off stacks of ballots in drop boxes.

This comes days after VoterGA’s David Cross released a video of Gwinnett County drop box surveillance footage. In the video, you can clearly see a man snapping a photo of his hand filled with fanned-out ballots before placing all of the ballots in a drop box. Georgia law strictly prohibits third-party activists from picking up and delivering ballots on behalf of voters, a tactic called "ballot harvesting".

John Solomon of Just The News reported that illegal ballot harvesters were paid $10 per ballot after he interviewed a Georgia man who admitted he was paid thousands of dollars to harvest ballots in the Atlanta area. This ballot trafficker was just one of 242 alleged ballot traffickers who made a total of 5,662 trips to ballot boxes in Georgia according to the investigation by True the Vote.

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