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"Normies, Sheep, The Awoken" - It's Not About Party, Ideology or Beliefs - We've All Been There

By Clandestine on SubStack Apr 18

I’m very glad I conducted this experiment. I was able to gather an overall understanding of how people define these words we use so often. And my hypothesis was correct, and that’s is, collectively, we do not posses the same exact definition(s). However, I think we all have a somewhat similar understanding.

Let me clarify what I as an individual mean when I use these terms, and I think this will help many to better comprehend my analysis.

Some use these terms separately, suggesting there is a spectrum of “asleepness”, which I certainly agree there is a spectrum. It’s not black and white as to who is awake and who is asleep. There is lots of gray. However, I view both “normie” and “sheep” synonymously and use them interchangeably. My personal Definition:

-“Mainstream Media-dependent, brainwashed individuals, lacking any original or critical thought. Victims of mass psychological manipulation via state-controlled media.”

The reason the word “normie” is used to describe these people is because for decades the societal norm was you believed what the newspapers said, you believed the man on the TV, and blindly went along with all of the prescribed narratives because that’s just what everyone else did. The truth came from the TV and that’s how it worked. Social media ruined that, and the societal norms for how people consumed news changed DRASTICALLY with the introduction of the Internet followed by social media, which led to a mass variety of viewpoints and alternative narratives. As opposed to the past where the entire messaging for a nation came from 2-3 news channels and a handful of newspaper companies. “Normies” are victims of outdated societal norms, which sadly includes being heavily brainwashed for political purposes by MSM.

The reason the word “sheep” is used to describe these people is because sheep are a species who, instinctually, blindly follow the herd and are incredibly easy to manipulate. Complacent inside their prison so long as they have food and protection.

Notice how amongst this thread I have yet to mention left or right? That’s because there are normies/sheep on both sides of the aisle. Anyone who blindly gets their opinions from the TV, you’re a sheep as far as I’m concerned. Left or Right. So when people in my comments screech “normies don’t watch Fox and Friends! NoBoDy iZ WaKiNG uP!” You’re simply wrong. Millions upon millions are dependent on the TV to confirm things for them. Even if they think something they saw on social media might be true, they don’t accept it as fact until the TV says so.

Another point I wanted to address, that many claim “sheep are asleep and will always be asleep”.

And I vehemently disagree. Yes there will be around 4-6% who are permanently brainwashed and may never recover, but every last one of us was a sheep at some point and we woke up at separate times. Nobody popped out of the womb red pilled and totally aware. Just because some people are taking longer than you did, doesn’t mean they are a lost cause. We have to undo decades of high level psychological manipulation and brainwashing. It’s incredibly difficult and time consuming. And don’t forget we have progressed so much from 2016, but many don’t notice it since it’s been slow and methodical. A controlled normalization as opposed to shock and awe.

And let me be clear, none of these people are a “lost cause”, yet. They have been psychologically manipulated. Their brains drilled with lies from sources and people they have been conditioned to trust since birth, warping their sense of reality. It’s not their fault. They should not have to suffer because nefarious entities manipulated them their entire lives.

The overwhelming majority of these people are good, intelligent, kind, loving, and want a better future for all of us, but they are quite literally brainwashed and are not thinking on their own. And I care about many of them, even if I find their ignorance annoying.

Whether you like it or not, these people are a part of this world, and the only way this world is going to recover is if we wake up as many of them as possible. So that future generations are raised by people who can pass on awareness to their children deterring them from repeating the horrors of the past.

This operation is intended to be a long term solution, and will require repeated proof so there can be no denying it to generate mass acceptance. Only then, can we carry out punishment. It’s going to take time, and the worse it gets, the more people wake up. The sheep won’t consider leaving their fence until there’s no more food inside the fence. In order for sheep to wake up, their day to day routine must be immediately impacted to break them from their repetitive routine and make them question their situation.

That’s what’s going on now under Biden . The sheep are paying more for gas, groceries, housing, their lives are being directly impacted, the status quo has changed, which causes them question their sheep herders. The worse it gets, the more that are broken from the deep sleep and seek

alternative answers to their situation.

I hope this adds some clarity to how I use these words and how this operation is specifically designed with these people in mind. -Clandestine


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