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NYC Citizens Against Political Persecution to Rally Against the Detention of January 6th Protesters

Questioning the government invites persecution!

Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP) will hold a peaceful protest against the federal government on behalf of January 6th detainees on June 27 at Foley Square in Manhattan, New York, at 12 pm.

Highlighting the injustice meted out to the detainees, CAPP cofounder Cara Castronuova said,

“What the Justice Department is doing to the January 6th protesters is political persecution and unconstitutional. Every American, regardless of their political affiliation, should care. The government can and will turn their focus and persecute any other group that disagrees with or challenges them. It is absolutely terrifying.”

In a press release, the organization revealed a list of speakers ranging from attorney for January 6th detainees, John Pierce, champion boxer, Cara Castronuova, Executive Director of Look Ahead America, Matt Breynard, New York University (Professor of Media Studies), Professor Mark Crispin Miller and “other distinguished surprise guests to be announced.”

In conversation with Gateway Pundit, Cara Castronuova said, “It is so important that people come to this event to stand up for our fellow Americans being railroaded by the Government. They are political prisoners and suffering tremendously…”



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