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NYC’s covid jab passport scrapped by Mayor Adams as world enters war phase of plandemic

Wednesday, March 02, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The Big Apple is finally dropping its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine passport” scheme, which means that residents and visitors alike will no longer have to show proof of injection in order to enter stores, bars, restaurants and other venues throughout the city.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams officially rescinded the rule, which was first implemented by his predecessor, Bill de Blasio, last year. Adams did, however, specify that there are no plans to remove the requirement that workers throughout city be fully jabbed in order to work.

The jab passport scheme is scheduled to end on March 7, just so long as “cases” of the Fauci Flu continue to drop as the government defines them. The mask requirement for all public schools is also set to be lifted on the same day.

NYC public school students were allowed to return after their February break. Adams indicated that if they can intermix with one another and not create any “unforeseen spikes” that this will confirm the mask mandate is ready to end.

“New York City’s numbers continue to go down day after day, so as long as covid indicators show a low level of risk and we see no surprises this week, on Monday, March 7 we will also lift Key2NYC requirements,” Adams said.

“This will give business owners the time to adapt and will allow us to ensure we are making the best public health decisions for the people of New York.”

Why do government bureaucrats insist on tyrannizing workers, school children?

The jab passport rule, which was first adopted late last summer, was not always enforced. It technically applies to all sorts of venues, but many throughout the city have flouted it.

Adams, who many see as being far more business-friendly than de Blasio, had hinted during his run that he was eagerly awaiting an end to the rule so the city could get back to normal. (Related: At one point, more than 200 businesses filed a class action lawsuit against de Blasio for imposing covid fascism.)

“We can’t close down again, and I’m not going to do something at my anticipation to get back that’s going to jeopardize closing down the city again,” he is quoted as saying.

“Our economy can’t handle it. We don’t have another $11 billion to put back in the economy. We must do it the smart way.”

Adams’ decision came immediately after Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that the entire Empire State’s mask mandate – for everywhere but schools, just to be clear – is being lifted.

More than 1,400 municipal workers in New York City have been fired for their refusal to abide by the state’s jab mandate. The program was extremely controversial in parts of the city like South Brooklyn and Staten Island.

“So they lifted the vaxx pass for now … yeah right,” wrote one skeptical commenter at Zero Hedge.

“Roll it back a bit so frogs don’t jump, to slam it back on later … rescind it? Not a chance.”

“Right, classic Stockholm Syndrome tactic,” responded someone else in agreement. “Covid-19 messaging and psychological abuse / cognitive dissonance.”

Someone else pointed out that the “science” behind dropping the vax pass and still forcing workers to get injected makes no sense and is completely inconsistent.

“I don’t understand how you can as an unvaccinated person be able to go to restaurants, shows, night clubs yet at the same time be deemed too dangerous to work a city job,” this same person wrote.

“I’m pretty sure this is an easy kill for a lawyer.”

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