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🫡On Veterans Day, Stay The Course… Listen to The Military [Video]

November 11, 2022

Do NOT be dismayed by the "midterm" circus. Turn off the mainstream media. They are simply NOT telling you the truth.

🎥 Seek out and listen to members, past and present, of our amazing US MILITARY:

Do not let the circus confuse you.

Trust your instincts.

Remember that all you have learned these last few years. Stop, breathe, and appreciate the incredible journey that we are all on. Understand how far we have all come.

Congratulate yourself, when no one else around you yet understands that congratulations is in order.

Be thankful that generations of great Patriots before us had the knowledge, foresight and willpower to set this incredible plan into motion. President Trump and our incredible military are now carrying the ball over the goal line and finishing what they started.

Remember that this is a war and keep all who have suffered and perished in your prayers.  Yet, at the same time, be grateful that we live in a country so blessed by God that the war is nearly over before most have awakened to its beginning.

You have not been deceived. You have been on the right path this entire time.

“Fraud vitiates everything”

-United States v Throckmorton

The midterms were NEVER the end game. We are NOT seating a fraudulent government in 2023, elected in a fraudulent 2022 election in order to remove a fake administration, selected in a fraudulent 2020 election and operating a defunct, bankrupt CORPORATION that has no legal jurisdiction over WE THE PEOPLE.

Trust the plan.

Stay the course.

The Military IS the ONLY way. And they are here.

Just open your eyes, look to the skies and trust what you see for yourself.

NOTHING Can Stop What Is Coming.




Kingslea Hale
Kingslea Hale
Nov 13, 2022

You have not been deceived. You have been on the right path this entire time.

Thank you!!


Myree Williams
Myree Williams
Nov 11, 2022

Messy elections where I live.... really messed up. I didn't expect anything different because I knew the same stunts would happen...have been for decades...

A lot of people are disappointed right now, trying figure out what's happening.

it not over yet and they know it.

The Military is the only Way........

As the Lord said:

Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.

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