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🎥 Ottawa police use abusive, illegal tactics to steal heating fuel & supplies from Freedom Convoy

February 6, 2022

Sickening, disgraceful, illegal, cruel. The Ottawa police just changed the game.

After the earlier announcement of the state of emergency by the mayor of Ottawa, the Ottawa police stormed through one of the Freedom Convoy's camp. Heavily armed, dozens of police officers with trucks and trailers loaded all the available fuel on site. Fuel that was meant to keep the truckers warm and to keep the kitchens rolling. Peaceful as always, the protesters held together, claiming they may have lost a battle but that the war is theirs. Protesters than lined up for the police officers to walk out of the camp in shame convoy knowing all too well that they were following immoral orders from above. The protesters ended that disgusting assault from the city by joining their voices in signing the national anthem. Here is a video (in french) of the whole scene : Click Here to see Video

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