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🎥 Part 1 of 10: THE Most Important Mini-Documentary That You'll Never Find on TV or Netflix

If there is one piece of Alternative Media I've found to be the most important, groundbreaking and informative of all, it is hands down the 10 short videos that comprise "The End of The World As We Know It." Originally published in the spring of 2020, I have personally spent the past year researching virtually every theory, fact, claim and conspiracy contained in these clips. The stunning amount of truth contained in these videos is overshadowed only by the realization of just how much the Government, Establishment and Media has hidden from the American People for many decades. Words cannot begin to stress the importance of these videos! PLEASE take 15 minutes, watch and share! Please continue to watch as we share all 10 parts - I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

This mini-documentary was made by Dutch researcher Janet Ossebaard of The Netherlands, with the aid of countless 'Anons' from around the world.

Ossebaard Says: "It contains thousands of hours of research. I urge you to accept nothing as the ultimate truth. Please use this to springboard your own research and double-check everything you see in this and other videos like it. That is the only way to awaken and become a truly independent thinker." The fact is that critical, independent thinking is the way to the truth good in this insane world that we are living in today.


Surely it can't get any more insane, right?

Well, that's what I was telling myself just over a year ago. Likely alone, half a bottle of Scotch deep, not knowing what day it is and definitely unable to remember the last time I showered. What was the point? The world was all but coming to an end. Surely it couldn't get worse?

Then the rest of 2020 happened. Riots nationwide, Americans fighting Americans, Governors and Mayors in Blue states violating the Bill of Rights at will, much like Bill Clinton on a long weekend at Epstein's Island. The whole powder keg very carefully fueled with racial divides and pushed more and more to the brink by the treasonous mainstream media intent on helping Soros and Gates accelerate their population control ambitions at all costs.

Come the fall we had universal mail-in ballots, Supreme Court Justices ignoring Constitutional Election Laws and of course the most sloppy and poorly executed overthrow of a government in decades. But it still worked. By November, the Democrats, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media had completed the most complicated Color Revolution in history. All While the world watched in stunned disbelief.

So now what? It's too late, isn't it?

No, No it most certainly not. It is ANYTHING but too late. In fact, we are about to enter one of the greatest and most transformative periods in world history. The "Deep State", the "Cabal", the globalist, world bankers who have controlled 99% of human history for hundreds of years will be no more. Evil will be exposed, corruption will be quelled and for the first time since 1871, We The People will return to our rightful place as a prosperous, peaceful society. A society finally free from the financial slavery designed by the Deep State and perpetuated by the Centralized World Banking System.

It may not seem this way right now. And I certainly don't expect you to believe me. You Shouldn't!

But if you care to ever know the truth or if you're wishing for hope in an otherwise bleak future, take solace - the best is yet to come!


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