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🎥 Past Events Suggest Kanye West Didn’t Go “Crazy”, He Was ‘Activated’

November 22, 2022

Back in October I posted a number of videos and commentary on the truth about Ye (Kanye) West. At the time, "crazy" Kanye had just shocked the world by wearing a (GASP) "White Lives Matter" t shirt at a Paris fashion show.

What was my message to the public? You've been lied to about Kanye being crazy. In fact, if you just watch some of his interviews and actually listen to the man speak, you'd likely have a completely different perspective on the man.

What a concept! Don't listen to heresay. After all, isn't that what the fake news really is? Manipulated heresay? Perhaps that's why it's not admissible in court?

How difficult is it for the general public to use the very device that occupies HOURS of their day to (GASP) get informed?

There's not been a single person whom I've shown Ye's interviews with Tucker Carlson that hasn't at least said: "wow, I didn't know (insert fact here) about Kanye."

The lesson so many of us have been fighting to convey is simple. How many times must the American people see the media completely manipulate the truth about a public figure before they realize the game? When will people realize rhat we live in two different realities?

The truth is that if you step back and look at the bigger picture, Ye's at the center of the public awakening that's very much underway at a fever pace.

I do believe Kanye is one of the White Hats' weapons that is being used to help snap Americans out of the MK Ultra trance that's been perpetrated by the left and the media for their entire lives.

Last month, when he and Candace Owens "shocked" the world, it was followed by an avalanche of red pills about Kanye. At the time, I wrote that he had been "activated" by the White Hats.

What do I mean? The idea was revisited in recent commentary by Ultra Pepe Lives Matter on Telegram:

"Kanye West was just walking on a runway for Balenciago one month ago and now they canceled their contract with him and got exposed for suspicious activities and deleted their Twitter account.

Kanye went into an interview and said that Biden was an idiot for not working with Elon Musk.. Elon is now actually working to prevent child harm on Twitter. He's being investigated by the FEDS which is no surprise.

Kanye exposed the bankers and was cancelled immediately for doing so.

Kanye exposed his MK ultra handler, where he exposed him to the world by posting his texts. This was a major red pill for everyone.

Kanye openly told us that his mother was sacrificed and the media chose to ignore it.

Now he is selling his Balenciago gear for a cheap twenty dollars and the details of the next chapter in his saga are for anyone to guess. But I can practically guarantee it will be anything but boring.

Ever the proverbial wildcard."

👆Look at this series of events folks. How many coincidences must the world see before they realize it’s mathematically impossible?

In my humble opinion, the series of events and body of evidence dictates that dismissing this as "conspiracy theory" demonstrates a clear lack of ability to think critically.

👉 Kanye met with Trump back in 2016 at Trump Tower. Afterwords he and Trump both smirked as they danced around telling the media what they discussed….

👉 In October of 2018 Kanye met with Trump in what the media described as a “bizarre” meeting in the Oval Office. Among the “crazy” things they openly discussed in front of the cameras?

- Corruption in the Pharmaceutical industry ✅

- Mind control through weaponized psychedelics used against him (MK ultra) ✅

- Bringing innovation and manufacturing back to the US ✅

- Boosting the development of already existing Hydrogen-powered airplanes ✅

- The dangers of exporting jobs to China ✅

- The use of racism by the left and the media to suppress African Americans and sow division in the American populace ✅

-And of course, the media cuts him off the moment he starts telling the truth about…the MEDIA.


WOW! What a LUNATIC! 🤦🏻‍♂️

In case my sarcasm isn't clear, everything they discussed in the 2018 Oval Office meeting has been proven to the public as true in the four years since.

Whether or not Americans seek the truth is obviously a very big challenge in todays public discourse.

Folks, it’s not a stretch to say that a Billionaire rapper with one of the largest media reaches on earth would be the ideal “weapon” to deploy at the right time in an information war.

It’s not a stretch to surmise that Kanye was read-in to a very important role within The Plan.

It’s not a stretch to say that he’s playing a role for the White Hats, just like Elon and Trump himself.

It’s not “crazy”, it’s CRITICAL THINKING.

If WE know what’s “really” happening with Trump, the Military and the White Hat alliance, do you really think Kanye Doesn’t?

Because I believe THAT’S a much more “crazy” than the narrative that the fake news fed the world.


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