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🎥 Kanye Goes Scorched-Earth on Hollywood: "There's No Backing Down...The Devil is A Defeated Foe"

October 16, 2022

I do not believe, for even a moment that the timing of Kanye's "war for truth" is a coincidence. As the countries wealthiest African American and one of the largest figures in popular culture, the man's words garner massive attention any time he makes a statement. We know of his long-standing relationship with President Trump and many of us know that his public reputation has been massively manipulated by the leftist media, in an attempt to silence and paint him as a lunatic.

How better to shock the public with truth bombs about Hollywood, the music industry and their demonic tendencies then by "activating" Kanye at the right time? Sure seems to be working....

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Ye, keep speaking truth even when it is not popular - the truth hurts but it is still the truth! Your brilliance is needed!

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