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📰 Perspective: WE ARE THE NEWS NOW - Trump Bumps Cable For A Day, But Media Has Forever Changed

November 17, 2022

Fox News and CNN soared in the ratings during former President Donald Trump’s 2024 announcement speech on Tuesday night at 9 p.m.

Fox scored over 5.16 million total viewers and 929,000 viewers in the key 25-54 age demographic during its 9 p.m. hour — massive numbers for the network.

CNN, which also carried part Trump’s speech, raked in 2.43 million total viewers and 656,000 demo viewers at 9 p.m.

MSNBC and the major broadcast networks skipped airing Trump’s speech live and stuck with their regularly scheduled programming.

Here is a full breakdown of Tuesday’s cable news ratings by show:

Total Viewers (thousands):

25-54 Demo (thousands)

As for the three cable news networks overall, here are the total day averages in total viewers and the 25-54 demo.

Total viewers:

CNN: 930,000

Fox News: 2.25 million

MSNBC: 1.14 million

25-54 Demo:

CNN: 221,000

Fox News: 343,000

MSNBC: 138,000

Here are the prime time averages — encompassing shows which air from 8-11 p.m. — in total viewers and the 25-54 demo.

Total viewers:

CNN: 1.79 million

Fox News: 4.12 million

MSNBC: 1.87 million

25-54 Demo:

CNN: 477,000

Fox News: 713,000

MSNBC: 221,000

Personally, I'm a data guy. To me, the real truth in this story is how FEW people actually watch Cable anymore. Many of us over age 40 still get blinded by anything that's on the "TV", simply because we're allowing subconscious perceptions that were framed decades ago to frame our views. Years ago, EVERYONE had no choice but to watch only what was on the television in every room at any given time. They were the only gatekeepers.

Fast forward through 25+ years of the internet, a decade+ of Podcasts and the advent of live streaming citizen journalism and what you have is a country where the optics don't match the reality.

The fact is, Cable & Satellite DO NOT MATTER anymore. They get the prime positioning and that's why they still get the attention of many. But the reality is that teh only reason they still exist is because they are owned and perpetrated by the criminal Cabal advertising dollars.

Advertising on television is based on the number of people watching. Has anyone ever asked themselevs how Fox, CBS, ABC or MSNBC can still afford their billion dollar office towers, massive staffs and fancy sets, when they have an average of just 10-20% of the total viewers they did 5 years ago?

Could YOUR business survive in the same incarnation if you lost 70-90% of your customers and revenue?

It's allllll a giant facade of reality folks. A giant facade that's propped up by dark cabal money and government manipulation. We have state-sponsored media in the United States of America - FACE REALITY. I realize many of you already know this. But the key is teaching this to the rest of your communities. This is part of the basis of knowledge that we must communicate to the sleepers in order to give them the context to understand the rest of the truth about the world.

Take a look at some of these ratings examples. In the Coveted Age 25-54 Demographic, here are some viewership figures:


Morning Joe (MSNBC) - 91,000

National Report (NewsMax) - 13,000


America Reports (Fox) - 226,000

Chris Jansing Reports (MSNBC) - 78,000

John Bachman Now - 13,000 - Yes, 13 thousand people!


The ReidOut (MSNBC) - 199,000

Rob Schmitt Tonight (Newsmax) - 44,000

On Balance (NewsNation) - 4,000 - yes FOUR THOUSAND people!

Folks, these numbers (except for NewsNation) were all in the MILLIONS during prime time less than two years ago!

We must help the rest of the world reframe their perspective. Just because something is on Channel 25 on your cable box, doesn't mean it's important or trustworthy!

WE ARE THE NEWS NOW! If you. don't think your voice cam make a difference, you're wrong. Start a Telegram channel, a rumble channel...anything. Have a place for YOUR sphere of influence to land when they realize they're being lied to. Can you beat NewsNation on your Cable Box? The answer is YES! They only get 4,000 people watching sometimes!!


SOURCE: MediaIte


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