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Poll: Biden 2020 win ‘tainted,’ 56% say it was a cheater’s paradise

A growing number of likely voters believe that cheating tainted President Joe Biden’s 2020 win over former President Donald Trump, and even more feel that a key Democratic election reform scheme will increase fraud.

In the latest Rasmussen Reportssurvey, 56% of respondents said, "It’s likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, including 41% who say it’s ‘very likely.’”

That is a significant increase from April, when 51% said “Biden’s election was tainted by cheating.”

The change comes as Trump has continued to raise election integrity charges and as Democrats have tried to force through liberal election reforms and shut down GOP state voting reforms.

In the new survey, voters told Rasmussen that they are not sold on efforts by Biden and congressional Democrats to expand COVID-era voting by mail, believing it will “lead to more cheating in elections.”

The results are a rejection of sorts of key features in House and Senate election reform bills supported by Biden and given to Vice President Kamala Harris to sell nationally.

By a 65%-28% margin, likely voters told the polling outfit that they believe more mail-in voting options will boost cheating. That included a majority, 51%, who said it is “very likely” cheating will expand.

The survey is the latest to suggest that partisans remain divided on the issue, though 95% agree with the vague goal of ending election cheating.



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