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Preliminary results from Windham Recount proves- it is time to get rid of Diebold Voting Machines

Elections across the state of New Hampshire relied on ‘Diebold ES2000 Model A’ Voting Machines. NH activist Ken Eyring believes that these machines ‘cannot be trusted.’ Why? Because the preliminary results of the forensic audit of Windham, NH are significantly different from those produced on 11/3/20.

A total of 4 machines were used in Windham. Each observed a variation of 2-44 votes while comparing the results of the candidates.

“There’s a miniscule difference of 2 votes for Ioana Singureanu between all four machines, and a massive number of 44 votes for Bob Lynn between AccuVote #2 and AccuVote #4.”

An error of 44 votes in the recount is unacceptable and could lead to a wrong person swearing into the office.

Is it not time to get rid of these ageing Diebold machines?


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