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Princess Diana’s Former Bodyguard is Now AstraZeneca’s Global Head of Security

Interesting coincidence....

Princess Diana’s then bodyguard, Mr Rees who survived the car crash is now the global head of security for AstraZeneca. According to the Daily Mail, “Despite suffering appalling injuries and severe memory loss, he has recovered sufficiently to land a huge job with the pharmaceutical giant behind one of the world's most effective Covid-19 vaccines.”

But, it is not yet known if he is someone involved in protecting the key personnel involved in the vaccine program.

Rees, who loves calling himself Trevor Rees underwent 10 days of induced come wherein skilful surgeons performed reconstruction of his face according to an old photograph. Later, he was left with profound amnesia.

His current position is the result of his experiences and international operations experience. Although, AstraZeneca and Mr Rees refused to make any comment on this revelation.


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