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🎥 Proof the Kentucky Derby Rigged? US Military Comms Telegraphed the Winner 2 Months Ago

May 10, 2022

Is anyone in America currently in a position to dismiss a story like this? Think about what you have seen and hopefully learned in recent years. Truth is FAR stranger than fiction.

Following "Rich Strike" coming from behind to win the Kentucky Derby at 80-1 odds, social media and betting forums lit up with accusations of foul play at the Derby. This has been an accusation that has been consistently growing in recent years.

In this video, you will see a stunning presentation showing the US Military made several public, communications over 2 months ago that seem to have predicted the "longshot" winner of the Kentucky Derby. Sounds insane? Welcome to 2022. Suspend your disbelief and give it 10 minutes:

From the video producer:

March 12, 2022: Our continuing Military Q COMs identified the winner of the Kentucky Derby! Rich Strike was not even to take the field until the scratch of Ethereal Road!

President Trump was in attendance for the first time in 23 years, since 1999. Was he there to draw attention to a Rigged Race? Rigged like the election perhaps?

How else could the Military have called this winner!? 2 MONTHS AGO!!??


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