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Protestors throng Parliament Square for ‘Freedom Day’ Demonstrations

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of London after the UK’s Government lifted Covid restrictions. And what might be the reason?

Is there a chance of any more lockdowns?

The protestors supported play cards saying, ‘Fake pandemic’, ‘Say no to the Covid vaccine’ and ‘Government is lying.’

Massive crowds thronged the Parliament Square near Westminster Palace and chanted ‘Freedom.’ They also took a dig at the globalist leaders and the law enforcement officers calling them “nazi scumbags” and shouting “arrest Boris Johnson” and “shame on police.”

The crowds met with a heavy police force, with officers punching in response to throwing bottles at the police.

In one of the videos that went viral, we can see a man arguing with a policeman who abruptly throws him down and begins to beat him, with other police officers joining to assist.



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